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Safe Towing Tip, Max Tow Capacity

How many people know how max towing capacity is figured for their vehicle?

For cars like my Subaru, you must subtract any load in the car from the rated tow capacity. 47 more words

Compact Camping

One is Never Enough

After using his first home-built camping trailer for over 3 years; Mushin on Tventuring, decided it was time to build a new Compact Camping Trailer. 65 more words


Super-sized Explorer Box Camping Trailer

Some people want more space than a standard Home-Built Explorer Box Camping Trailer provides.  No problem, just stretch it!

Rich’s is a great example of stretching a DIY Explorer Box Trailer. 17 more words

Compact Camping

Scootz's Explorer Box Variation

Scootz from the Tventuring forum has built a nice color coordinated Explorer Box variation compact camping trailer.

After completing his DIY camping trailer, he towed it from Canada through the US Southwest and into California.  64 more words