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Scootz's Explorer Box Variation

Scootz from the Tventuring forum has built a nice color coordinated Explorer Box variation compact camping trailer.

After completing his DIY camping trailer, he towed it from Canada through the US Southwest and into California.  64 more words

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Adventure Planning

Winter is the time of year many people do “net-ploring” working on next season’s trip plans. What are your favorite resources to use for researching places, points of interest, routes, trip reports? 18 more words

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Home-Built Motorcycle Tent Trailer

Have you been thinking about building a DIY camping trailer for your motorcycle?

This build story from the Tventuring.com forum will give you some good ideas. 110 more words

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More Kayak Trailer for Your Money

When most people think Kayak Trailers; Yakima Rack & Roll and Sportsrig trailers come to mind. They are a basic lightweight, open flatbed deck with a pair of rack crossbars that work nicely for hauling kayaks, canoes and/or bikes around. 220 more words

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Long-term “House Paint” Plywood Finish Test

OK, high quality, easy to apply and durable Explorer Box paint finish for about $50!

Our plywood Explorer Box camping trailers have been around for over six years now.There are several ways to seal up and protect the plywood, some being more expensive than others.Seeing the use of house paints on small plywood boats got me thinking; If it works well on something that is in constant contact with water, it should work great for a plywood camping trailers. 250 more words

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Durabak Plywood Test Panel Finish Wrap Up

After six years out in the weather, I have retired my Durabak test panel.

As a recap, the test panel was a piece of bare 9mm marine grade Okoume plywood. 182 more words

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Tventuring Turns a Year Old!

Hard to believe our Tventuring forum turns a year old today! Thanks to everyone who has joined in.

If you aren’t familiar with Tventuring, it’s a forum for folks interested in Trailer Supported Adventuring. 30 more words

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