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Plastic Storage "Plastic Surgery" Part 1

“The time has come,” the husband said, “to pack up all your things. Your dictionaries, grammar games, flowers, ribbon, & strings.” No, he’s not kicking me out, exactly. 475 more words


Craft House Resuscitation

There are a hundred other things I could, & should, be doing right about now. But we’re both in the same boat if you’re reading this, so at least one of us should get started on something. 579 more words


Farmhouse Style Frames

Finished frame

About 11 years ago, I took a few art-for-non-Art-majors courses, & ever since have been shopping for & hoarding craft supplies with a fever like never before. 593 more words


DIY: How to Make a Weasley Sweater

I figure it must be near-impossible for anyone reading my blog not to know by now that I am, yes, a Harry Potter nerd. I mean, if my… 2,164 more words

Pinup On A Budget

Should I try that?... I'll let you know!

In all honesty, how did the internet function without Pinterest for so long? I can remember life without it, of course, like I can remember life without cell phones, Facebook, & every other social media platform ever. 197 more words


DIY Home Decor: Menghias Rumah Hanya dengan 0 Rupiah

Saya rasa banyak Ibu yang akan setuju, bahwa “me time” buat Ibu bisa dibilang kemewahan. Nah, buat saya, crafting sejenak bisa jadi sarana penyegaran kembali yang asyik. 56 more words

Self Development

Tips and ticks for flower arranging at home!!

As I have said before I am a fully qualified florist and was in the wedding game for a while, Over my 5 years of doing floristry I have really gained a deep understanding for floristry. 541 more words