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More Canal Bank Walking - Pinhole Obscura ReBlog

Exactly two years ago I wrote a post about having “discovered” the royal canal. I signed off that post suggesting that I wanted to walk the other 140KM to see what else I could find on the route. 404 more words

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How to Open a Beer Bottle with Roll Film

I do most of my printing and film development in my darkroom. I am lucky enough to have a very well equipped room for my hobby. 120 more words

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Mullaghmeen Forest - Pinhole Obscura Reblog

Mullaghmeen forest is one of those wonderful places that is nearly impossible to find and even harder to describe. It sits in the middle of extensive farm lands at the  159 more words

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Delayed Gratification - India on Film

So there it is the sum total of my Black and White film adventures in India. Normally when I shoot film I make an effort to… 121 more words

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How to Test your Film Fixer

This is a very quick guide to testing your film fixer. Unless you make fresh fixer every-time you develop your film you might be using your fixer more than you really should. 105 more words

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How to Make Redscale Film - 35mm

To make your own Redscale film you will need:

  • a used film canister – I ask the Lab to keep me some when I drop my films off for development…
  • 194 more words
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A Terrifying Insight - Caution Maths Ahead

“I’ve always been interested in doing that, but from what I can understand it can be quite costly.” When I read Kate’s comment, about my black and white film development… 1,488 more words

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