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Every now and then phones decide to no longer charge or struggle to hold what should be a full charge. Most people assume that it is their phone battery, however there might be an easier and cheaper fix than buying a new battery. 304 more words

DIY Do It Yourself

How to make dry shampoo?

Before I start my article I want to genuinely thank the person who came up with the idea of dry shampoo! I mean this is something every girl always wished for, there are days your too lazy or busy and don’t have enough time for a shampoo, this is a life saver during that time. 338 more words


How to do body polishing at home! 

Body polishing is one of the most expensive service in any salon or spa. It feels amazing after a fresh session at the salon but is it really worth it? 379 more words


6 home made shampoo recipes you need to try! 

I love hair care products, there is nothing more exciting than trying all natural home made shampoo! Hair care treatments doesn’t necessarily needs to be a salon session, you can achieve great results with simple natural ingredients at home! 438 more words


10 Age spot remedies from your kitchen 

While we age we are more likely to end up with age spots, the biggest cause of ageing is the SUN, too much sun exposure is harmful for the skin. 628 more words


6 ways to add aloe vera in your beauty routine 

Aloevera plant is been used since ancient times, it is a highly regarded plant for medicinal and beauty use. The Egyptians used aloevera 6000 years ago in ancient Egypt. 460 more words



The world is going green, with the watch word ‘’recycle’’; to create out of waste products. Fashion is definitely not behind in this trend, in fact, recycling has been a way designers test their creativity, you’d see a perfect looking trouser being cut and sewn into a short, blouse etc has lead by the spirit of style in the designer. 128 more words