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DIY Yellow Hoodie

Truthfully, I do love a good black sweater and jeans combo, but after wearing that day in day out, it gets boring, and makes me feel miserable, just like the weather. 284 more words


Unicorns are Vegan!

Here’s a Tee and Hoodie I designed upon a suggestion recently using Black/White Vinyl on the corresponding garment colours and adding the accents with Spectrum Vinyl! 73 more words

DIY Clothing

Angler Fish Tee

Here’s an Angler Fish Tee I made recently on the Orange Crack Tie Dye ❤

Angler Fish glows in the dark ;)

Kimbles xXx

DIY Clothing

Jigglypuff Tee

Here’s my latest work on the Tie Dye Pokemon Tee’s – Jigglypuff on Pink crackle. It reminds me so much of Raspberry/Vanilla ice cream!

Kimbles xXx

DIY Clothing

How to Make a Flower Crown

Flower crowns or flower headbands are so popular right now, and they are so fabulous for many occasions. I’ve seen them at festivals, at weddings, the races, and just on a normal day. 772 more words

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Me Made May 2017 Round Up: a few key points

My first Me Made May or #mmmay2017 challenge is over! Organised by Zoe of the So, Zo, What Do You Know blog, it’s been a pleasure to take part in such a community-driven and enthusiastic endeavour. 650 more words


Practicing Embroidery

I’m honestly not sure if you could call this embroidery. It’s nothing fancy or elaborate; it’s just a (very messy) back stitch and an attempt at writing words. 102 more words