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Organic Beeswax and Eco Soyawax candles

Do you love candles but you don’t want to use stearin candles?

There are way more healthy alternatives to it- eco soyawax and organic beeswax-100% natural products, long lasting. 30 more words

Cosmetic jars

50 ml frosted glass jar -10kr

30 ml frosted glass jar- 9kr

15 ml frosted glass jar- 8kr

50 ml metal jar- 10kr

DIY Ingredients

Organic raw cacao butter


100% organic unrefined raw cacao butter is made from cacao beans (Theobroma Cacao beans).

It has light yellowish colour and lovely chocolate fragrance. At room temperature is hard butter but it’s easily melted at skin contact. 45 more words

Creams And Salves

Organic cold pressed sweet almond oil


100% cold pressed organic sweet almond oil.

Almond oil is very light oil and has yellow colour and light specific fragrance.

It’s rich in vitamin E, contains arginine and unsaturated fats. 44 more words

Creams And Salves

Organic unrefined Shea bitter

100% organic unrefined Shea butter, extracted from the nuts of African shea tree.

It has off-white to yellowish colour and light smoked scent.

Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. 93 more words

Creams And Salves

How To Make Sattu


Hi friends,

Sattu, as I keep mentioning this ingredient in some of my dishes, today I’m gonna show you what it is and how it is prepared. 84 more words

Gin and Tonic -- A Variation on the Theme

Hi all!

I’m here today to guide your eyes and clicks over to the Lindsay Olives website, to which I contributed a cocktail recipe, as part of its guide to holiday cocktail parties. 296 more words

Cocktail Recipes