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Clothespin spring necklace

Every time I broke a clothespin I got frustrated, till i discovered, I can turn them to ……. jewelry!!! Us everyone knows i love re-purposing almost everything. 115 more words

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DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Necklace

I have this thing about jewelry. Other than my wedding ring, I wear really cheap jewelry. Like really cheap. The reason? I have four kids. That says it all. 675 more words


Refashioning 101: #Upcycled Accessories

The wonderful world of refashioning isn’t limited to just textiles and clothing. A wealth of upcycling potential can be found in your junk drawer, scrap stash and amongst those broken bits at the bottom of your jewellery box! 30 more words


DIY: Upcycled Plastic Bunting Necklace

This bunting necklace is super easy to make and only took me about 30-45 minutes from start to finish. It makes for a unique and quirky piece of jewellery to spice up a simple outfit and you will get lots of comments asking you where you bought it from! 310 more words


Experimenting with shrink plastic part 2

When the hubby spends the day fast asleep in preparation for night shifts I have to find ways to keep myself quietly entertained. Tonight I found that meant experimenting with #6 plastic again (I’m obsessed!) I whipped up this cute necklace in about half an hour and I’m in love with it. 22 more words


DIY Bottle Cap Necklace!

So, my niece’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her something cool, but she’s turning 11, and what exactly is “cool” for an 11 year old? 461 more words


DIY hot glue gold necklace

It´s always surprising me the fact that something so elegant and beautiful can come from the most easy to find materials! Gold and black jewelries are the best choice to wear at a Christmas party or even for a walk with friends and why not, even give it as a gift to your loved ones. 173 more words

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