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Baltimore is a city of Makers

Did you know that Baltimore is “awash” in DIY spaces where Makers, hackers and modders can gather to share ideas and tools, sip some brew and happily void warranties? 289 more words

Maker Movement

New DIY Space on the Block: Broken Spoke Coop

Yo – The Broken Spoke Bicycle Coop is opening in Oxford!

They already have an impressive schedule: open workshops, group sessions, women’s night, build a bike sessions, beginner -advanced and wheel build courses, etc. 117 more words

Bike Culture

Show 3: Reitschule; Bern, Switzerland

The venue in Switzerland treated us so well that I spent most of the next day recovering. Clearly, it was a very generous gig, as we were driving quite a ways out of the way to play a single gig in a country which makes you pay tax on your merch before you’ve even sold it. 1,538 more words


Standing Still: NYC and Baltimore

I’m in the woods and determined to bang out another long overdue blog entry before I return to NYC. I am in the midst of recording with the band, but fortunately I have several partial entries already begun. 2,776 more words


Two Day Inferno Tour

I am determined to get this post done and thus I have holed myself up in the rear corner of Cake Shop, feet propped up on a window sill, hidden here in the very distracting Lower East Side. 1,436 more words


semi-annual time spent at home

I’ve already swooped South and crossed the country since all of the adventures I’m about to recount. As per usual, unless I am on a very structured tour, my blogging discipline all but disappears. 2,522 more words