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Turn Child Art into Your Art

My kids love to paint with watercolors. I love it because it cleans up easily and they just love art! I was looking on ETSY for a “Family Rules” art work for the house, and it occurred to me that I can just use the art my own kids are creating! 204 more words

15 Minute DIY

DIY framed monogram letter

Hello lovlies! Today I decided to do a DIY for your bedroom, dorm, wherever you would like to put it! Ive seen these all over pinterest but I wanted to be original and do my own, so this is my DIY framed Monogram letter! 213 more words


FREE Inspirational Back to School Printables

Yes, I realize that it’s only the first week of August, but my summertime and Valentine’s Day printables arrived a tad on the late side, so I’m trying to be more timely with this latest set. 134 more words

DIY Wall Art

DIY #2: Feather Painting

You will need:
A piece of newspaper with no pictures
a pencil
colored paint
gold or silver paint
picture frame if desired

1. Draw a feather on the newspaper with the pencil, then go over it with colored paint. 48 more words


DIY #1: Grandfather Clock String Art

You will need:
a 9×20 inch canvas (I did it with poster board)
Thread or embroidery floss
washi tape
a needle (you will need a needle with a larger hole for the embroidery floss) 220 more words


Book Page Craft (#11)

I think I found this idea on Pintrest. Or at least Pinterest lead me to a site for this craft.

Basically, you just find a favorite page of your book (or any book really), blow it up, and frame it! 275 more words

29 Before 29

Simple project - Turn old shirts into wall art!

I’m all for donating old clothes, but sometimes the sentimental items are tough to let go of. Especially since a lot of my baby and toddler clothes have been used by both of my girls!  144 more words

15 Minute DIY