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Caron Cake Rainbow Shawl (part 2)

Shawl is soaking in the bath. I have to block it, dry it and sew on the tag. It is beautiful and large.

This is what remained from two Caron Cakes.


Repurposing project 

Since Sunshine couldn’t be bothered to get the table out of the barn for me, I did it myself.

One of the legs had rotted away at the bottom, so the table was all wobbly. 84 more words

Our Php103,000 DIY Wedding

Okay, I know that sounded like a scam. Or a clickbait title. It’s not. You read that right. We spent only 103,000 pesos for our wedding INCLUDING payment for legal documents, and pre-wedding pampering! 588 more words


DIY -Balcony Makeover 01 - for rented homes

Hello ,

As much as I love photo blogging and instagram ,  blogging , story writing and rhyming poetry has been a passion since childhood. Overtime I have come to realize whatever I buy is predominantly based on the colors I like .From clothes to home décor to accessories to cutlery to even my profession  and I love things to be colorfull . 535 more words


Formulating A Base- New Chart!

You may need several base powders for different pigments in your shadows, highlighters, blushes, contours, and foundations.  Different pigments require different base properties.

Micas as colorants won’t need as much aid in oil absorption and color retention as iron oxides do.  90 more words


Okay guys, so I need your advice...

The article below has been written for, and chosen for inclusion in, the journal “Notes from the West Country”. But, there have been mutterings from some that it is “inappropriate”, or that it could even be read as offensive, so I’d love your views. 1,049 more words