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Candle Lit Evenings

“Child you must meditate more. Your gaze is not yet faultless. You could not see me hiding behind the sunlight.” With these words resonating in my mind, we stood in the garden chanting and celebrating the day Maha avtar Babaji appeared to our guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. 74 more words


"Momma, today I was unconscious in the class."

Sounds so dreadful, isn’t it? You can imagine why I almost had a heart attack when I heard these words coming from Diya.  I slumped in the sofa and managed to ask her about what happened and how. 111 more words


This is how we recycle stuff at home...

And also deal with the very long summer holidays ;)

(Helped Diya make this used curd box into something more presentable to keep her hair-clips)


The Indian Society will miss u a lot (for Balaji, Bhanu, Diya and Nikhil)!

Today one of our very good friend and his family left Estonia to India. They were a body-part of our family and have lived here for more than 5 years. 175 more words


Investing: Where to start?

Diya       : Is my bhel ready?

Krishna : Bail is quicker than bhel nowadays ;-) Here is your bhel puri!

Diya       : My friend Raj bought a Royal Enfield (Desert Storm model) in 2013. 631 more words


Her stories

Came across this piece of paper while clearing book shelf in Diya’s room. This was amongst many other scribbled notes in her books. It reminded of my own childhood. 88 more words


Endless conversations

And without a single pause in between :)

I wonder what makes kids such great story tellers! Is it their imagination? Or is it that they try to fill in their time with as much words as they possibly can?