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Investing: Where to start?

Diya       : Is my bhel ready?

Krishna : Bail is quicker than bhel nowadays ;-) Here is your bhel puri!

Diya       : My friend Raj bought a Royal Enfield (Desert Storm model) in 2013. 631 more words


Her stories

Came across this piece of paper while clearing book shelf in Diya’s room. This was amongst many other scribbled notes in her books. It reminded of my own childhood. 88 more words


Endless conversations

And without a single pause in between :)

I wonder what makes kids such great story tellers! Is it their imagination? Or is it that they try to fill in their time with as much words as they possibly can?


Excessive Crying

I fed Diya once we reached home after sending my husband. She was fussier than before. She was crying even when I fed and did not sleep properly. 257 more words


Husband’s Departure to Chicago

Immediately after the naming ceremony, my husband made arrangements to get Diya’s Birth Certificate. And, we received it within 15 days. Then he fixed an appointment with Passport Seva Kendra for getting a passport for her. 335 more words


Diya’s First Review

There were few parents waiting with their babies before us in the clinic. We registered the baby’s name and they checked her weight and height. She weighed 2.350 kgs and was 50 cms tall. 449 more words


Selecting a Pediatrician

Diya was skinny when she was born. Her cheeks were slowly becoming chubby as days passed by. She looked cute. I realized that she was gaining weight and felt happy. 236 more words