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Faint Glow From The lamps

The following piece about my mother was published in Deccan Herald at


Deepa Natarajan Lobo, Mar 3, 2014, DHNS :

Unique Hobbies

Most people love to splurge on clothes, movies and food when they get some extra money. 588 more words

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Precious Pinch Pots, 1st Grade

This blog post is months over due.  Our first graders created these Diya, pinch pots in celebration of Diwali, “The Festival of the Lights… 109 more words

1st Grade

Jumbo Lamp DIY


How about making your own designer diya this Deepavali? Here is an idea to make your own jumbo lamp.

For this you will need traditional earthen lamps, M-seal, oil-based primer, black and white sample tins of enamel paint, fabric paints, two flat brushes numbered four, two round-tipped brushes numbered triple zero, coloured sequins , some mirrors and fevicol.When choosing earthen lamps for this project make sure that the lamps have considerable depth. 275 more words

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It is Festival On A Plate



Radha Prathi shows you how to make beautiful designs on your aarthi plate for a festive occasion.

Festivals, weddings and traditional rituals are great occasional excuses to highlight your creativity and lap up the appreciation that gush forth from your guests. 613 more words

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Chasing Away Shadows

~ Deepam. Deepam. ~

My childhood Summers were spent mostly at my maternal grandmother’s home in Kerala. My Ammamma, my Mothermother, was brilliant, a self-educated soul who read without discrimination. 578 more words

Lighting Up Your Lives


The effect of tiny gentle flames quivering in the dusky hours of chilly November nights has the power to warm up the cockles of the most indifferent hearts. 709 more words

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