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DIY Levi shorts!

Good afternoon Bloggers! I recently went through my mums old boxes in the attic, and I came across a few pairs of old Levi’s that I tried on and fit me perfectly. 154 more words


Refurbishing my Wardrobe

Why hello! Long time, no see! Has it really been a little more than a month since my last blog post? Wow, time has really flown..in the past month, I’ve had a dance recital (which went great, by the way!), 130 more words


DIYcrafts Chopsticks Holder/ Hack

Do you ever go eat some sushi, open your chopsticks, and then wonder where to put them?

I   mean, the table’s dirty, the food’s not here yet so there aren’t any plates to put it on, and you don’t want to just hold it! 150 more words


Room Decor Ideas!

A lot of the time, our rooms are boring. Here are some ways to spice your room up a bit!

  1. Add some fairylights! You can buy them really cheap at the dollar store or somewhere like Target!
  2. 54 more words

A Soul Sisterhood First

We’ve painted and papercrafted, scrapbooked and collaged, baked, and we’ve even painted with our feet (more on that later.) But today, we did the first ever Soul Sisterhood Quilting Bee. 186 more words

Summer Camp

DIY: Homemade BB Cream!

Want something not as heavy as foundation, but still want coverage? BB Cream is what you need! In stores they can be pretty expensive, so we will show you how to make it at home! 115 more words


T-Shirt Upcycle- New Sew DIY

This is an idea that I found on Pinterest and absolutely loved. Unfortunately, In my hurry to test it out, I forgot to take before & during pictures of the shirt. 136 more words