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DIYcrafts- YOUniqify Your Notebook!

These titles are getting better and better! (jk they make me cringe) YOUniqify. beYOUtify. What should I do next?

This DIY is so straightforward I don’t need an explanation- it’s just a fun, unique way to decorate your notebook! 25 more words


BeYOUtify Your Pencil Case

“BeYOUtify” lol I couldn’t think of any better title ideas so

Anyways, in this post, Im gonna be showing you a couple ways to “beYOUtify” or make your pencil case more unique, or stand out from the rest :) 86 more words


Lemon Beauty Benefit! | DIY Lemon Scrub

I absolutely love using lemons in my cooking and baking! Lemons give amazing flavour to various dishes, but not only that, lemons have manyyyyyy health benefits. 304 more words


DIYcrafts BTS Unique Wooden Pencil

Its back to school season and Pinterest is FLOODING with back to school DIY’s, hacks and more. But the thing is- they are all pretty much the same thing. 143 more words


How I DIY'd my lookalike Alex and Ani bracelets

So on this rough Thursday afternoon, while it poured down with rain, my mum and I thought to ourselves what to do to past time. In the end, we decided to get a quick dinner at Cracker Barrel (always a good idea) and then head over to Michael’s! 329 more words


Inspiration Board

Hey guys! So I started this blog and haven’t posted since the day I made it.. I hate myself. Anyways, I wanted to share this inspiration board I’ve been working on for a few days. 337 more words


Cute and Easy Necklace Organizer!

I’ve always been frustrated with how my necklaces ALWAYS  end up tangled up in my jewelry box(you probably shouldn’t put necklaces in a jewelry box in the first place!), but recently I decided I wasn’t going to deal with it any longer. 170 more words