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L is for the way you look at me

He will be my forever valentine, and I still cannot believe I get to do life with this man. We are getting married in six months now and the wedding planning is in full swing!! 113 more words


Wedding WOW 101

Okay ladies, this whole wedding planning is real life. It is a no joke game, it can become a full time job and I didn’t even think it was possible. 373 more words


Don't throw glass bottles and jars #DIY 3

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Today I am here to discuss about recycling of glass jars, wine and beer bottles.Every month we all get stock of different kind of glass jars at our home in the form of Jam jars, wine /mock tail juices/beer/shakes ,ketchup bottles etc and  don’t realize that they might be of great use which could be due to several reasons, may be absence of interest or free time or most of the times people don’t care about recycling.But in case if you do then I am going to tell you four simple artistic way of reusing bottles which could be done quickly : 174 more words


Balcony Cafe #DIY 2

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In this post of DIY I will discuss about decoration of  balcony walls which can be done either by using wooden cardboards (if you have spare one ) or stickers or paintings if you are fond of them.Please note that mostly stuff I have used in my cafe was either spared or trashed, so either I had to make use or recycle it in different way.In my case  I had used a big wooden cardboard to decorate  wall of my balcony because I received it as a trash from my furniture vendor.As a lover of artwork I painted half of the card board as per my choice and on the other half I pasted some stickers . 162 more words


Let's get Organized

Okay I am in full clean and organizing mode forget spring cleaning I’ve started these past few weeks and I’m so excited!! I have so many things I want to do and move around I even told Gerry I wanted to move the rooms around and switch it up. 101 more words


Flower vase #DIY 1

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So I am going to start my second post of the section with flower vase which has been made from egg tray.Yeah, right an egg tray can be more useful than holding eggs….he..he .So before moving towards the pictorial presentation ,below is the list of requirements : 317 more words


Balcony Cafe - A new concept

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I would apologize for not being much regular like I told in my last post that these days I am quite busy with lots of art work and small DIY projects of my home.One of them is “Balcony Cafe ” at my home.Balcony Cafe came in my mind because I love to go cafes specially roof top ones and every time I go there I focus on the creativity side.I always wished to create such lively experience at my home so that it could be enjoyed any time with home made meals, tea and coffee. 166 more words