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Daddy-Daughter Project- Evicting the Woodchuck

By now, you know all about the woodchuck problem I had this year. In fact, those critters were a problem for me and for my next door neighbor. 908 more words


1 Eylül

Bugün 26 yaşında 79 kilo ve 164 cm boyunda zayıflama serüvenime başlıyorum.


Ears to Small Successes!

This summer has been emotionally draining. Woodchucks ate everything but the tomato plants. Then the cucumbers bounced back but squash beetles caused them to wilt. Then it rained for three weeks strait and the tomatoes started rotting and the few sound ones got eaten by woodchucks. 668 more words


The Magical Mystery Squash

Remember how I had those volunteer squash sprouts this past spring? (See the picture to below to refresh your memory. )As my zucchini, cucumbers, and pumpkins were being eaten by an adorably evil woodchuck family, the two mystery sprouts were happily growing in my front yard with only the occasional nibble by a local rabbit. 297 more words


The Stove is Dead, Long Live the Stove

Last Thursday, our stove died. The short version of this unexpected and scary event: the computer board that controls all functions of the stove ceased to function; the top heating element in the oven would not turn off. 593 more words


En etkili zayıflama yöntemi!


Bugün sizlere zamanında benim de denediğim bir diyet programını paylaşacağım.

Yaz tatiliydi denizdi sıcaktı aman çok cici elbiseydi derken hemen hemen tüm kadınlar bir anda zayıflamak ister. 642 more words


Not So Bad

So we never did catch that woodchuck. Correction- our exterminator caught the mommy wood chuck, but she worked her way out of the trap. However, since she now knows that our yard is unsafe for woodchucks it is likely she has found another garage to live under. 470 more words