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Lots of tomatoes. Not much food storage space. Problem solved by evaporation!

  1. Saute onion in a big pot with a little salt and the fat of your choice.
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Evrene enerji yolla kiloyu ver: Her şey kafada

Evrene enerji yolla kiloyu ver: Her şey kafada  

Kilo vermeye çalışan ama benim gibi spor yapmaya üşenenlerden misiniz? Onun da çaresi bulundu. Yemek yemenin en büyük etkenlerinden biri psikolojikmiş meğer. 1,352 more words

This Post is Not About Zucchini

This started out as a rant, but quickly dissolved into something else- a ramble maybe? I edited out most of my ranting, but, I hope the ramble gets people thinking and talking. 355 more words


Because It’s August I’m Blogging About Zucchini

If you grew zucchini this year you are doubtless up to your eyeballs in it right now. That’s totally normal. In fact, most gardeners will tell you that there is no way not to grow too much zucchini. 478 more words


Benimle zayıfla

Kilo vermek istiyorum ve bir türlü olmuyor bir çok diyetler yaptım spora gittim ama sonuç hala aynı ve ben kilo veremiyorum ‘ diyorsanız eğer aslında içinizdeki azmin farkında değilsiniz demektir. 658 more words


Wicked Mint!

As I mentioned before, my herbs will not quit this summer. Thankfully, fresh herbs are delicious and I have been cooking with them. Also, fresh herbs are seriously easy to preserve. 415 more words


What’s Pho Dinner?

This week Mr. Food It Yourself got a bee in his bonnet about trying to make pho from scratch in our pressure cooker. Well, you know how much I love bees, so I was all for it. 441 more words