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Kalan Gün 195

Merak ettiğim bir konu var, gıdaların sindirim süreci ve kandan temizlenmesi türüne göre değişiyor, bu yapışkan madde barsaklardan geçip kana karıştığına göre hiç tüketim olmaksızın ne kadar sürede vücuttan tamamen atılabilir? 123 more words


Comfort Food- Not Some Passing Fad

It has gotten cold in central New England. On the days when it is not freezing it is raining. Overall, I would say the climate has reached maximum blah. 558 more words


The Garden Season That Was

So, Last week I promised I would share some pictures of the Food It Yourself garden if it stopped raining before it started snowing. I really should know better than to play chicken with Central Massachusetts weather. 596 more words


Break the Rules (If You Know How)

I have been trying to write a final Food It Yourself Garden 2018 wrap up for weeks. However, it keeps raining and I can’t get pictures of the current state of the garden (s). 712 more words


Trying To Be Trendy: Rutabaga Fries

You all know by now that I am a sucker for a food trend. Well, it seems that the trend of using cauliflower as a substitute for foods you don’t want to eat is totally played out. 417 more words


Daddy-Daughter Project- Evicting the Woodchuck

By now, you know all about the woodchuck problem I had this year. In fact, those critters were a problem for me and for my next door neighbor. 918 more words


1 Eylül

Bugün 26 yaşında 79 kilo ve 164 cm boyunda zayıflama serüvenime başlıyorum.