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A somewhat technical explanation of Mono/Di twin pregnancy

I am now in the third trimester of my second pregnancy; this time with spontaneous, identical twins!

There is a lot of confusion out there about the different types of twins. 972 more words


End of the World Prophecy - Author's Note...

…for Omega 2060, chapter 11

Agostino Maachi and his twin brother Raymond, were descended from Matwilda. They were dizygotic – two egg twins, born from separate but simultaneously fertilised eggs from different fathers. 108 more words

Author's Notes

Twins and Chorions and Stuff

Every now and then, just around when I’m wondering why the hell I’m studying Psychology, knee-deep in scientific arguments and indiscernible statistics, I discover something that fascinates me enough to want to tell the world about it, and then proceed to jump up and down. 212 more words

The rest of the story...

By now I think it’s obvious… I am pregnant.  Yes, I am having twins.  The answer to the inevitable next question is a little harder to answer, however.  598 more words


99.9% wrong

For four years, I have insisted that my twins are fraternal (dizygotic) twins. Everyone thought I was crazy…I thought they just weren’t looking hard enough. After all, if Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson are fraternal, then my girls were  81 more words

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Identical or Fraternal? How to know

So, you’re having/had twins and you want to know whether they’re identical or fraternal. You’d think it would be a simple question to answer in these days of advanced medical technology, right? 414 more words

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The biology behind twins

Two of the most frequent questions that parents of twins will encounter when out and about with their double bundles of love is “Are they identical”? 749 more words