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Mach duck

I’ve heard that you should never order duck from a restaurant that has an “A” rating from the Health Department. I’m pretty sure this restaurant did not get an “A” rating, but I still don’t think I should order the duck.

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Today in history: August 9th 1930

Betty Boop makes her cartoon début in Dizzy Dishes.

Helicopter training is going on at an IBEW safety meeting this morning at the Coldwater Hotel.  123 more words


Max Fleischer Betty Boop Bamboo Isle = MISREPRESENTING OCEANIA

In response to the Betty Boop Bamboo Isle video, I found it very insulting and discourteous. Coming from a Polynesian persons point of view, this is a very clear misrepresentation of Oceania. 131 more words

Dizzy Dishes

Director: Dave Fleischer
Release Date: August 9, 1930
Stars: Betty Boop (unnamed)
Rating: ★★★

‘Dizzy Dishes’ is a  jazzy cartoon about a waiter in a restaurant who should bring a roast duck to an extremely hungry customer, but who does anything but serving. 269 more words