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Why is my heart pounding so much?

Why am I hurting so much?

Why do I feel like I’m going to throw up…

Why is my head spinning so much… 13 more words

A Trigger For Your Thoughts

Paperize my Mind

Since my vertigo started acting up again I’ve had to limit my use of phone, laptop, iPad and somewhat tv. At least Tv isn’t as close but I can’t watch certain shows or movies unless I want the spins. 314 more words


reconciling the hormones #72

So I’m sort of back to the beginning, or there abouts, with these dam things. It’s an angst-tation cross between being a dissociative retard and actually having something physical going on. 244 more words


Cancer Updates continue....

About a month ago, I picked up a part-time job waiting tables on the weekends.  I work a day job, Monday through Friday and then started waiting tables; working seven days a week. 326 more words


Indiecisive Recommends: May 2018

Another month of Indiecisive Recommends is here, bringing plenty of lesser-known bands to the table, as well as another hidden gem from a band who’ve been around for decades. 730 more words


not feeling well

I am not feeling well today. I was fine before lunch but then I ate lunch and now I do not feel good. I am wondering if it is because I am coming off of my “drugs” or because I just happen to be ovulating today. 344 more words