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Why You Get Nausea After Yoga and How To Stop It

Many yogis and yoginis, especially people relatively new to the practice, commonly complain about nausea. Nausea results in a sensation of queasiness felt in the stomach, which makes you feel like throwing up. 987 more words

Lessons 101

POEM: Dizzy

i’m seeing the world through spin arc,
like long exposure photos of a night sky,
the ones that generate Van Goghesque color swirls,
and always offer a stock-still element for contrast: 68 more words


My struggle

Hi wonderers , ( lets make this happen)

I am a 25 year old female. 26 soon. This year was supposed to be a start of a good year for me as 2017 ended somewhat shockingly bad. 1,057 more words


The Silver Lining

This morning did not start well. I had so much anxiety last night that I was dizzy every time I stood, and I couldn’t sleep enough to get out of bed energetically. 185 more words



Cross-eyed on many levels …


Dizzy - Backstroke

The band Dizzy was formed in a small town outside of Oshawa, Canada.  It was that small town upbringing that are the backbone of the band’s debut album… 256 more words


My Knee Hurts and I Want a Drink

Pintless and one pint less, dizzy stream of thought and footfall and I desperately, internally construct, deconstruct, reconstruct responses to the latest episode of the sporadic and weighty drama of friendship. 545 more words