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The December List, and Other Stable Facts From 2017

I dominated my most recent December To Do List! Snooze.

Results, outcomes and the correlative aftermath of same are about to be apportioned, so cut out the tedious part (aka reading it) by aborting your web session now and hitting the sack. 534 more words

Random Goals

Why Do I Have Vertigo?

When it comes to Vertigo, it could be a number of issues. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctors about all the symptoms you are dealing with. 74 more words

Meniere's Disease


spin round and round
circle back again
fall, rise up
slowly, stop
be wary of the drift
catch yourself swaying
swaying towards the fringe
the earth is round, but I still wonder… 29 more words



The counter swayed in front of his eyes for a moment, as he steadied himself.  This wasn’t his first ‘funny-turn’, he knew that the nausea would be soon to follow.  71 more words


What Might Cause Meniere's Disease

Everyone is affected differently but for me I think it was a combination of an infection from falling in dirty Marina water & allergies.

Photo is from www.slideshare.net

Meniere's Disease