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Restless Wings

She topples and sways

Never ventures out alone

Bruised arms, restless wings



they drew blood

Pierced my skin and suctioned off

this viscous, heavy

red that boils

into itself

they asked me to tighten my fist

so they could find my artery/vein/whatever it is… 131 more words

Ninja, King Richard, and Dizzy win first Apex Legends tournament with a score of... 420

In a somewhat unusual first ever Apex Legends tournament, Team Kings Canyon, composed of streamers Ninja, Dizzy, and King Richard, came out on top with an iconic score of—brace yourself—420. 25 more words


funny summer haiku rigolo – on the ferris wheel = sur la grande roue

funny summer haiku rigolo – on the ferris wheel = sur la grande roue

reaching for moon
on the ferris wheel,
dizzy as a bat!

en vol vers la lune
sur la grande roue,
je suis étourdi !

Richard Vallance


The Day the World Tilted

Hiya friends, welcome back. Have you ever had a week where you just felt like the universe was laughing at you? I swear, this is the perfect way to sum up the week I’ve had. 368 more words


Bio Moment - You spin me...

It will surprise you (not at all) that I’m back on the stinkin’ Depression train, headin’ to nowhere.

Today, I came home from work, with plans to do a bunch of things. 585 more words


Around and Around

Everything in life seems to run into a circle, coming
around to the place it originated. As a sequence of events, that is repeated
539 more words