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Floating Points (DJ set) - World Headquarters, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Many moons ago (probably about 15 years ago) I saw for the very first time, a club DJ play an entire set with CDs. I don’t particularly remember foaming at the mouth about it, raging with a fervent turntable-evangelism, and it certainly didn’t spoil my night. 697 more words

YouTube changes it's policy - I need your help

It came at the perfect moment. I was sat working on my Youtube channel and my website last night, making some tweaks to improve the flow of the site and to set up YouTube in a more streamlined way to help deliver more awesome and free content to you, when I received an email from YouTube. 315 more words

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The Importance Of The Warm Up DJ

A lot of times when we go see our favorite DJs, there’s an opening act. These well known (and sometimes up and coming) DJs are in charge of getting the crowd ready for the headliner. 831 more words


Returning to Traktor Tips

It’s time that I connected with all of my regular supporters here as I’ve taken a huge break from traktorips.com over the last couple of years, which occured due to a number of different reasons. 1,113 more words

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Dusty Donuts x Magma 45 Bag

We always want to keep the fam posted on new products, gear, and records of course. So when a product like this comes out, we just have to share. 179 more words

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Don't Have a Headshell Case? Print One.

If you are a DJ and you travel to gigs, you need a a headshell/ needle case. For the majority of my DJ career I used the blue Shure x 4 case. 434 more words

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Back To The Lab Book

Behind The Beat a book from 2005 that featured an intimate look into the studios of some of the most well known (and then unknown) producers such as Dilla, DJ Premier, DJ Shadow, and Mario Caldato, Jr., among others, is most definitely one of the must have books for music fans. 356 more words

Flea Market Funk