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Scratch, Look & Listen: Improvisation and Digital DJ Interfaces

Scratch, Look & Listen: Improvisation and Digital DJ Interfaces

mark v. campbell


Since 2004, digital interfaces have become the dominate mode in which professional hip hop djs perform for their audiences. 110 more words

Digital Tsunami Talks 1: Kevin Reynolds

Originally published @ Digital Tsunami on 16.10.2014. I was writing at that time with my new Alter-Ego as Earbug.

Recently, I was watching a film by Jim Jarmusch “Only Lovers Left Alive” (2014) and was struck, and amazed at the same time, by the way that the city of Detroit is portrayed. 4,303 more words


What Are You Cleaning Your Records With?

When I first started collecting records as a teen, one of my uncles gave me a vinyl cleaning brush. It had a spot on top where you put cleaning fluid on it, which cleaned the record when you brushed it across the dirty record. 596 more words


Get Your Hands of My Records Fool!

As a DJ, you encounter a lot of strange situations. A lot of them involve patrons of the establishment you work for. If it’s a big club, a lot of time you’re sequestered away in some high DJ booth overlooking the crowd like a king does his kingdom. 945 more words