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Anime Mid-Atlantic On The Horizon

So, with ANext over that’s 2/3 cons down in this con rush leaving just Anime Mid-Atlantic (AMA).

Below are my panels:

& my cosplay line up: 77 more words

Dj Date Masamune

Panels GET~

Got panels for both AMA & (surprise surprise) Otakon this year~~

Seriously, even though I personally don’t think ppl should treat Otakon as “ITS A BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL!” when it comes to paneling, this is the first year that breaks the ‘every other year’streak I’ve had of only getting a panel accepted every other year, with 2013 being the first year I got anything accepted. 171 more words

Dj Date Masamune

Zenkaikon 2018 Panel

Here’s my 1 & only Zenkai panel. Tbh, I personally don’t care about cons that stiff me on panels when I go to cons triple the size & get multiple, but that’s another story for another day. 64 more words

Dj Date Masamune

Decided to make a page listing all my panel descriptions to make it easier for submitting panels as well as give a basic blurb on any given panel I’ve ever presented:

Dj Date Masamune


Finally finished making all necessary updates to the blog~~!

Pages I updated:

May also be adding a page for the panel descriptions of all the panels I’ve ever presented for propriety sake as well but we’ll see ^.^

Dj Date Masamune

So, since I found I can access WordPress at the office, will be going through & updating a lot over the next few weeks.

However, if you attended any of my panels in the last year & need info covered in a panel not uploaded yet, please don’t hesitate to contact me using my… 77 more words

Dj Date Masamune

AB 2018 Cosplays & Panels

Character names, starting from the top…
Fareed McGillis & Orga Itsuka (Iron-blooded Orphans), BB (Fate/Extra), MHX w/ both swords for her NP (FGO), Zapp Renfro (BBB), & Monkey (Juuni Taisen). 137 more words

Dj Date Masamune