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"Quicky" Anime Reviews: Dimension W

So, recently (at the time) marathoned through Dimension W on July 4th & saw Your Name this past weekend at a friend’s place. Inb4 “Ur L8 2 the gaym,” thanks, Captain Obvious, but still gonna give a quick review anyway >_> Also, lol at “quick”, so much wrong with this show it wound up being super long ~.~ 3,967 more words

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CCE Guest Panelist~~

Although I still need to update my blog with resources from panels I presented at Otakon this past weekend, some more news: totes will be a Guest Panelist at Colossalcon East this year XD… 41 more words

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Otakon 2018 Panels & Cosplays

Forgot I never posted a list of the panels I’m hosting (& co-hosting in one case)…

  • Sit Down, STFU, & Play This J-RPG (Deluxe Edition)
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Otakon 2018 "Officially Recognized" Photoshoots I'm Hosting

All the photoshoots I’ll be hosting for Otakon this year (FYI: the Fate one is at 12p Friday). All of these are also ‘officially recognized by Otakon’, so they’re listed on the Otakon schedule (( 89 more words

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AWA 2018 Panels

Just recently heard back from the AWA panel team about panels, here’s what I’ll have this year:

  • Figures to the Max! Blinded by B00bs Edition (18+)
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Anime Mid-Atlantic On The Horizon

So, with ANext over that’s 2/3 cons down in this con rush leaving just Anime Mid-Atlantic (AMA).

Below are my panels:

& my cosplay line up: 77 more words

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Panels GET~

Got panels for both AMA & (surprise surprise) Otakon this year~~

Seriously, even though I personally don’t think ppl should treat Otakon as “ITS A BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL!” when it comes to paneling, this is the first year that breaks the ‘every other year’streak I’ve had of only getting a panel accepted every other year, with 2013 being the first year I got anything accepted. 171 more words

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