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What does baseball have to do with cats?

A lot, if your team is the awesomest. By this I mean the Tampa Bay Rays. And before ANY of you say something shitty about our team’s attendance, come to Florida. 323 more words


Tampa Bay Rays Baseball

Although located an hour and a half outside of Orlando in St. Petersburg, spending an evening at Tropicana Field cheering on the home baseball team, the Tampa Bay Rays, is certainly worth the drive. 472 more words


Mascots: WTF?

I was reading over the sports news on the internet, as I am wont to do, when I came across an article about the Tampa Bay Rays’ new mascot.  1,053 more words


Tampa Bay Rays Turn 'DJ Kitty' Viral Video Into Actual Mascot

You can’t accuse the baseball world of being afraid to try out new things. The wild card: an unqualified success (right?). The designated hitter: well, it seems to suit the American League just fine. 297 more words


As we are just days away from the start of spring training when the Pitchers and Catchers are to report, that is not the big news.

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The Orioles need their own DJ Kitty

I am thoroughly convinced that the Rays are the Forrest Gump of baseball: outwardly really stupid, yet somehow wildly successful.  Their manager looks like someone who I would see in Starbucks and they have lower attendance numbers than the Orioles. 359 more words