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Hip-Hop Pioneer DJ Kool Herc Lists Chris Brown As One Of His Top 5 Emcees

Per usual, Combat Jack and Premium Pete are doing the Lord’s work over at The Combat Jack Show. Kool Herc, the founder of Hip-Hop, and the whole reason we are all gathered in the hazy halls of The Smoking Section, was the latest in an ever growing list of luminaries to sit with Combat and Pete in the Engine Room Audio studios. 213 more words


The History of Hip Hop: The Birth

While the exact moment “hip hop” became an official genre of music can be debated until Tupac’s murder is solved, there is a widely-held legend that traces the birth back to a party on August 11, 1973 at Sedgwick Ave and Cedar Park in the Bronx, New York. 493 more words

The History Of Hip Hop

You are what you listen to: Why today's music is in need of a detox

The evolution of hip hop has come a long way since its origins with DJ Kool Herc in New York. The world has witnessed an uprising movement of this particular culture and style of music touching and influencing the lives of people cross-globally. 593 more words

Hip Hop

Did Kool Herc invent hip-hop?

AFTER A ONE-MONTH delay, here’s another installment in my slow-moving countdown of 100 exceptional teenagers.

Afrika Bambaattaa Talks Hip Hop's Evolution

Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaattaa has some words about the past and future of Hip Hop.

In an interview with Vlad-TV, Bambaattaa talks about Hip Hop’s progress and regress during its existence. 206 more words

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