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Meanwhile, in the UK.......

Although largely endemic to Chicago throughout the early 2000’s, by 2010 footwork seemed to be a global phenomenon (at least in countries with similar underground dance cultures), with fans stretching from Tokyo to Eastern Europe, even to the UK. 316 more words

Till tha next life...

Arguably one of the most important groups in terms of popularising footwork worldwide is Teklife, the homegrown Chicago collective of DJ’s, dancers and producers, made up of many big names in the footwork world (namely DJ Spinn, Manny, Traxman, Gant-Man, footwork godfather RP Boo, as well as founder DJ Rashad). 218 more words

Sounds crazy...

As with most well defined movements, describing the musical nuances of an entire genre can often be difficult. Throughout its development, footwork artists have shown a wide array of influences and stylistic origins, ranging from hip-hop to Latin music, from jazz to noise. 609 more words

DJ Rashad Remembered

Last year Chicago lost two of its brightest lights; both of whom were legendary record producers, world-renowned DJs, and pioneers of their craft; both Frankie Knuckles… 464 more words


Roots Manuva, Machinedrum, Rashad & Four Tet Shit

Rodney’s back in fully-formed action with, of course – how could they not be? – two iconic legends of the electromatic market: Four Tet & Machinedrum. 440 more words

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