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How To Improve Productivity Without Compromising Quality

DCC Studios – DJ Tips – There is a lot of demand going on for DJs and producers right now. Between meetings, tours and gigs, content creators need to make sure they’re churning out quality products from time to time. 461 more words


New DJ Gig Logs!! Episode 4 & 5!!

I was out with the family doing some camping so I just got around to edit these new gig logs, check them out! Thank You!

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Backing Up Your Rekordbox Music

Following on from my Organising Your DJ Music Library article I thought I’d drop another DJ Tips tutorial showing how I back up my Rekordbox USB sticks. 349 more words

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Organising Your DJ Music Library

I thought I’d share my method on how I organise my digital music collection as when I first switched over from vinyl it wasn’t really something I properly thought about. 447 more words

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The Top 5 YouTube DJ Tutors

Whether you like to get behind vinyl, CD players or a controller, we all need a little help and inspiration from the major players from time to time. 483 more words