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Task Scheduling with Django and Celery

I’m currently building a Django project that requires task scheduling. I will not go into details as what I’m working at, but this is the big picture: 601 more words

Computer Science

Acceptance testing database hack in Django

A couple of months ago, I started working on a web application project with a lot of acceptance tests. Because the project was two years old, everything I expected to do was to add some new features and keep the project running. 749 more words

Acceptance Tests

Week in Review, December 27

As a full stack web developer who has mostly avoided deep javascript learning, one of the turnoffs is choice complexity. There are so many frameworks and options changing so fast, the learning would be immense to become modestly capable. 59 more words


Django Rest Framework with South solve for "cannot import name migrations"

Disclaimer: This isn’t a Django Rest Framework guide/tutorial post.

Today, I decided to give Django Rest Framework a go. Since this while I have been using Tastypie for developing APIs, and it has been pretty good with me. 305 more words


Making django-sitetree's Display Permissions Show Access Denied

I like django-sitetree for what it is. There aren’t any other modules with as many features. One thing that bothers me is the permissions options just hide links. 380 more words

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Simple Django Module to Log Request Information to the Database

There are some solutions out there for logging analytics information to the database. I wanted something really simple and minimalistic. This set of scripts monkey patches each request to write some basic information out to the database after the request data is sent to the user. 53 more words


An Introduction to using Swagger with your Django app : A Tutorial

Hi people,

Today i will be discussing about baby steps involved in setting up your Django app with swagger and will demonstrate a working API which we will make by DJANGO REST FRAMEWORK. 1,626 more words