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An Introduction to using Swagger with your Django app : A Tutorial

Hi people,

Today i will be discussing about baby steps involved in setting up your Django app with swagger and will demonstrate a working API which we will make by DJANGO REST FRAMEWORK. 1,626 more words


Temporary Workaround When Multiple Python Versions Cause Problems

I wrote and maintain an AMR (automated meter reading) store/transfer system. The system is implemented in Python, and has both command line and Django components, which share Python modules. 147 more words


AWS and Django intricacies - I wish I had known earlier....

I have recently taken up managing the AWS deployment of our website. Our current site is powered by the python’s Django web framework and while that is a great framework to use, it has a somewhat steep learning curve. 843 more words


Django : Magic Under The Hood

How Django Works

When you are working with django you are working with a lot of levels of abstractions. And that is a great thing for beginners and fast deployment needs. 2,878 more words


Gunicorn with Django

While searching for deploying the Django app, I found something called Gunicorn.
I tried:

gunicorn sage.wsgi

where sage is the name of the Django project. And now the django app can be accessed from the default address. 158 more words

6 Month Training

Django basics! - with Python 2.7 basics filled in at times!

Dear reader,

I intend to bring in a tutorial on the basics of Django, the DeFacto web framework for Python ! Giants like Instagram, BitBucket and Onion etc. 109 more words


Some Wagtail V1 Streamfield examples

Ok, firstly just to say StreamField is amazing, it adds so much flexibility for adding content onto a page, the way its been developed makes it so versatile. 1,286 more words