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Django Update 1.6 to 1.10 - DRF Upgrade

This is going to be a series of posts describing briefly about something which turned my life upside down for few weeks. I am still in the process, as of now. 621 more words


Django Cache Busting

Browsers cache images, stylesheets, javascript, it’s their default nature. They do not want to fetch the same file again and again from the server as they are smart. 638 more words


Django Api Throttling

There are cases when you do not want your clients to bombard some apis. Django Rest Framework gives you an out of box support for controlling how many times your apis can be hit. 531 more words


DJango Intro

This is sourced from https://scotch.io/tutorials/build-your-first-python-and-django-application

Running the virtualenv env command puts an env folder in our firstPythonJango folder.

➜ firstPythonJango virtualenv env
Using base prefix ‘/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.4’ 819 more words


Review: Ruth's Parkside Cafe

Our fifth (!) Monthiversary Meal doubled as our Valentine’s Day dinner when we resolved to to go Django Western Taco on Monday. Alas, despite both Yelp and their website claiming they were open, they were, in fact, closed. 410 more words


Getting Started with Django

In a quest of being adept at working with data, understanding a languange / frameworks that works well in numbers manipulation is essential.

Python is a language vastly used within the datascience disciplines with lots of… 434 more words


Combining forms in Django for fun and profit

Why Django is awesome:

Django as you may or may not know, is a highly flexible framework for making web applications. This is in part due to the sheer number of extensions and the fantastic community that maintains them that makes Django so appealing. 1,186 more words