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Django: From Request to Response

In an ongoing effort to learn a bit more about Django I thought I’d show how a request / response is structured*. This is taken from the point of view of a WSGI request, mod_python and runserver are slightly different but only until request_class is set. 294 more words


Django View and Form in same screen

With Django templates, displaying a form or an object within a template is very easy, all you need to do is implement FormView,DetailView,UpdateView etc. I came across a slightly more complicated scenario. 179 more words


Django Tutorial part 5, simple database issue.

I have been working through the Django tutorial and have got to part 5, where I need to start building tests for the polls app that I have completed during parts 1 – 4. 480 more words


all djangoed up

hey guys, we’re not gonna talk about the fact that I’ve been AWOL for awhile because at this point that’s pretty standard for me. I’m trying, though, I promise. 449 more words


Django - Use ModelForm to List and Create User Data

Here is a very basic example to show you how to use ModelForm in Django to list and create user data. Let’s start from creating Django app and MySQL Database. 956 more words