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Send email using Django powered website

Hi People, Today i am going to explain how to configure your django powered website to send emails. Sending email is very common feature needed by the client these days, It can be for getting feedback or contacting the admin. 122 more words


Providing data access per HTTP using a ReST API in Django

At Full Stack Embedded we’re continuing our work on the weather server so that we can serve the observations we collect via ReST API. Read on to see the project’s progress… Or if you’ve ever asked yourself how to make a ReST API and/or server raw data from a database you access with Django. 2,398 more words

Creating tag clouds using logarithmic interpolation in Python

Reports of timefyme.com feature a tag cloud representation. One of the most popular and useful ways to create a tag cloud is by calculating the logarithm of the usage for each tag. 658 more words


Where were we?

That’s right- the search feature.

After a bit of a delay, we’re back to work.  The current issue: adding the placement of the search button.  We wanted 3 options- in the header, in the footer, and in the left menu.  296 more words

Otree : when treatment variables don't fit into a model field

In oTree, because treatment variables are stored as models, your treatment
variable must fit into one of the field types available in Django (see… 319 more words


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Pengertian Django

Django adalah sebuah web framework yang berbasis python dan menggunakan sistem dengan pola MTV, yaitu Model, Template dan View. Web framework itu sendiri adalah sebuah alat yang digunakan untuk mempermudah kita dalam membangun sebuah website.  188 more words

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[Django] Exception AppRegistryNotReady

I Just migrate all projects application into Django version 1.8, all  django apps are migrated smoothly but there is an error in simple my script that using Django ORM (used for background tasks). 36 more words

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