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Creating a JSON Editor for Django Admin

Even though editing a raw JSON is pretty easy, it can cause a headache if you deal with 1000 complex object at a time. You also need to ensure that another person who edits the JSON knows how should the JSON is structured. 1,097 more words


PyCon AU 2015 Write Up

It’s 2015, and it’s another time for PyCon Australia. Last year, PyCon Australia 2014 was held also in Brisbane, Queensland. The same city as PyCon 2015. 610 more words


Django Template Escaping

The concept of Django template escaping is mentioned clearly in this post. Thanks to StackOverFlow


Django, Multiple Test Files and Database Not Resetting

As per the new options for organizing tests, I put my tests for an app into a folder called tests. When I ran each test individually, each test worked. 100 more words


Building a Simple Django Application

Follow the steps below to implement a simple “online survey” program in Django. These instructions are a simplified form of a tutorial found on the official Django website at the URL “ 1,602 more words

Peugeot Django 150 - VLOG

Dear TMCVlog Readers, PT Garasindo already released 3 variant of Peugeot Scooters. Peugeot Djanggo is one of the. Peugeot Django 150 The scooter plays with contrast, its retro style opposing the resolutely modern equipement with 4 efficient and economical engines. 45 more words


More StreamField Examples - Top news stories block by tag

We thought it would be useful to be able to display say the top 5 news stories tagged with a certain word anywhere within a page using StreamField, so for example the latest sport related news stories could be added into a column next to something else on a page in Wagtail. 673 more words