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Django FileField and Invalid Forms

I was writing a form for uploading a CSV file. I had fields to let the user map their columns to my model fields and I had a forms.FileField() to get the filename. 198 more words


Django admin and inline chaining

Recently I hit a problem – I needed to have multiple profiles to add for inline editing for admin user. Specific problem I had was that I didn’t had any prior knowledge is there any inlines already defined. 155 more words

Creating a simple logging system with Django's Middelware

“We’ve lost a client record” my co-worker texts me.
“What? I don’t understand” I reply.
“Vanished – it’s not on the system and swears it was there last month” he responds back. 1,098 more words


Object Relational Mapping


The understanding over Object Relational Mapping, or ORM, is fundamental to any good programmer. There are extremely few situations where its usage isn’t recommended, if any at all. 1,477 more words


Django на production. uWSGI + nginx. Подробное руководство

Очень хорошая статья. Полностью взята с http://habrahabr.ru/post/226419/ (на тот случай если с ней что-то случиться)

Перед вами руководство по настройке production окружения для Django. Здесь будут описаны необходимые шаги по настройке Django, uWSGI и nginx. 635 more words


This post is going to be more like a self note with code snippets which I usually need for basic setup of any django application. 327 more words


‘I ask of you one thing; take yourself back to the moment you first watched Pulp Fiction, the feeling only that film can create, the scene where Uma Thurman is frothing from the nose, the absolute horror that the image of snorting heroin leaves in your stomach. 826 more words