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Tentang Query Random

Sebenarnya tema optimasi ini tidak terbatas pada python/django aja sih, bisa bahasa apa pun. Kadangkala dalam sebuah project kita butuh untuk menampilkan data secara random, entah itu random user, random post maupun random-random lainnya. 100 more words



For all those who were following AuShadha Open Source EMR project hosted at GitHub there’s news.

I had paused developing for sometime due to pressure of time. 68 more words


Datepickers for Mobile and Django

There are lots of javascript datepickers that work well on big screens. Unfortunately they do not all work well on small screens, such as mobile phones. 216 more words


Create Django App and Data Model

Creating Django App

To manage a project, django divide the project into several small django apps. Django app is a group of related functionality used to complete or maintain one aspect of a site. 174 more words


First steps in Django

1. Installing Miniconda

1.1.- Downloading Miniconda

Go to the Official Website of Miniconda and download the version to Linux:

1.2.- Running miniconda

Now we understand that if it is a script, it has the executing permission. 350 more words

Julita Inca

Install Django with Postgresql

This post will guide you quickly step-by-step installing django and Postgresql on Linux Mint.

  1. Install Postgresql Server
    $ sudo apt-get install postgresql
  2. Switch account to postgres and create db user for django project (create non superuser that can create db) …
  3. 106 more words

The Rest of the Django App - the View and Controller Tiers

As is the way of Software Projects, I’m starting to get a bit of pressure from the customer about delivery.
As is slightly less usual in such circumstances, the question I’m being asked is “when are you going to get out there and mow that lawn ?” 5,786 more words