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Placeholder Workaround

We’ve still been working with Django on a redesign of a site’s blog module.  Still liking the tool- it’s a bit tricky to figure out initially (the url routing in urls.py took me way too long to wrap my head around- and I wouldn’t say I’m fully clear on most of it), but overall it’s so useful. 236 more words

Revenge as Tactical Purpose

When I was in graduate school, I came across the below paragraph, a rough attempt at painting the Arab tribal code in the time before the dawn of Islam: 295 more words


My favourite movie

My all time favourite movie is Django unchained. It’s a movie filled with quite a lot of gore. BUT IT’S HILARIOUS! I love the story behind this movie, and the actors do a tremendous job! 35 more words



By Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wegner
Reviewed by SA

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a graphic novel, so I thought it should be time to share a good one with you all. 768 more words

Book Reviews

Tarantino, Django, Racism

Django Chains Audiences

Slavery is one of the most undeniably disgusting aspects of human history. It is estimated that slave trade caused about 2 million deaths in the Americas alone – deaths due to inhumane treatment and malnourishment simply because one race felt superior to another. 1,806 more words