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Testing Django When Using @cached_property

I use the @cached_property decorator quite a bit. It’s pretty straightforward. Usually, it’s set it and forget it. As noted in the docs, it persists as long as the instance persists. 63 more words


Django Forms- what is self.cleaned_data['field']..??

self.cleaned_data is a dictionary that receives all cleaned and validated data after calling the is_valid() method.
After calling is_valid() method we can access self.cleaned_data by the dictionary key.



We all know how difficult  it is to choose a programming language to learn keeping in mind all the prospects of that programming language like how difficult it is to learn and what is the future of that language and all. 740 more words


How to Create a Basic Search Function in a Django Application

Chances you may have found this on a search engine looking for answers to build a search function on your Django application. While we end up searching Google for answers (especially for programmers), it also makes a good addition to applications we build. 820 more words


How to understand Django models the simple way – freeCodeCamp

Have you ever tried to learn models by going through Django Docs? Did you leave with answers, or with even more questions?

Source: How to understand Django models the simple way – freeCodeCamp


How to Connect your Django Application to a MySQL Database

I’ve been recently working more with the Django framework for web applications. By default, Django is configured to store data using a SQLite. While it is a good option for your data storage needs, sometimes you have to exercise your options. 425 more words


Why you should try new things

A few weeks ago I went to a coding workshop. Yes, that’s right. The girl that repels technology has jumped in at the deep end and taken her first step into the world of coding. 311 more words