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Best way to detect a mobile device in jquery

Hi fellas, just few days ago i needed to turn off some functionalities if user comes from a mobile/tablet device so i needed a best and concise way to do this. 117 more words

EM328-1502B-01 Server-Side Scripts: thoughts on an assignment

So this week I started two new classes. The first one and the one we are talking about today is Server side scripting. I admit right out of the gate that server-side is not my forte. 919 more words

Sleepwalker Dreams and Rubik Cubes

We had a nice dream the other night (nice because it was action, and not anything boring)…I really want to record it here. It’s a bit violent, and graphic, although not anything too big, but to prevent unprepared eyes from seeing it, here is a cut. 777 more words

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Fun in the midst of college exams

Fun is working on your own projects!
I was working for a while on my pet Facebook application TodJokes. It’s very close to the final developement stage now. 250 more words


Django Raw SQL

I frequently use the Django TimeStampedModel. Recently I needed to generate some data to demo an app. Since the time stamps are important, I needed a way to make them different from now. 125 more words


How to override default text selection color using CSS

Hi friends, few days ago i needed to change default text selection color in my project because by default text selection color is dependent on browser/OS and i was weird orange color on firefox browser on my Ubuntu machine. 158 more words


If you were in a situation where you need to merge two querysets from different models into one, you’ve surely see this error:

Cannot combine queries on two different base models… 62 more words