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River is a open source workflow system for Django which support on the fly changes on every item in workflow instead of hardcoding states and transitions. 27 more words

Membangun Aplikasi Blog (Intro)

Pada tutorial dalam kelompok tag “Catatan Belajar Django Dari Ebook Django By Example – Aplikasi Blog (01)” kita akan belajar bagaimana membuat aplikasi blog menggunakan framework dari Django. 104 more words

Catatan Belajar Django Dari Ebook Django By Example - Aplikasi Blog (01)

ubuntu + django + postfix

sudo apt-get install postfix

mynetworks = [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128
mydestination = localhost
myhostname = domain.net

Now, let’s test to see if we can send an email to our mailbox via telnet:

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Getting back with the Django Logic

These past weeks I have gone back to my Django resources to try to learn the last stages of the Django modules, business logic, etc. 269 more words

Free Software

Django 1.8 Admin App/Model Reordering

Django apps are registered via installed_apps in settings and models are registered via admin.py. And once registered they show up alphabetically on the admin panel. To reorder them we have to either tinker with the admin html files or add template tags. 811 more words

Recommand 5 Useful Django Cms

  1. Open source Platform Opps

Official site :


2. Django CMS

Official site : http://www.django-cms.org

3. Mezzanine

Official site :


4. Wagtail

Official site : 9 more words

Web Development

So a recent idea

I’ve been toying around with the recent idea of making a quick prototype of my project.  The first one I will make with Django, and the other will most likely be Mean.IO or MeanJS.   100 more words