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Journey map submission

This is the link to my journey map explaining the user experience from the orientation brief. It talks about the actions, thoughts and feelings of the user (Ben) before, during and after his interaction with us and our model.


Ways of Making Connectivity Final Submission

So for the past 3-4 weeks we have been working in groups to answer the connectivity theme brief given to us in our Ways of Making module. 450 more words

journey mapping.

The second part of the ways of seeing module brief was to create a journey map of one of the people who came and interacted with our cardboard landmark. 273 more words

storyboarding part 2.

After coming up with the basic idea for my storyboard, I then began developing what the frames would depict. I listed the stages of development that this module has undergone, narrowing it down to the most important aspects of the briefs. 286 more words

talking tech finished

This is the final design for my double page magazine layout for my Picture Symbol Icon module.

Final Design

Making Spaces Design Brief (3/3)

Our idea of a family studio apartment was starting to take shape. The elements of the design were all starting to come together. We had included a sliding door to separate the children’s and adults ¬†bedroom so that there was an essence of privacy. 310 more words