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Emily de Vale

Emily de Vale graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2012 with a 1st in Textile Design. She’s employed full-time for a business consultancy firm, working in the marketing department. 939 more words


Rob Madden

Rob Madden graduated from an undergraduate degree in Computer Arts and a Postgraduate in Games Development from Abertay in 2014. Self-employed, he works as a 3D artist and the co-founder at Hyper Luminal Games, a small independent games company based in Dundee. 1,364 more words


where we are just now...

So the jacket is actually finished, Bela my lovely model will be getting her picture taken properly on Tuesday for my ‘hero’ image poster. but here are a few pics about the design and the tech…. 8 more words

Sample work for Dementia Jacket

Since I try and only use recycled/reused materials etc some of my samples are odd colours or materials. I thought that I would have an attempt at making a homemade dye from beetroot, the results were ok but I definitely want to experiment more. 33 more words

Dementia in Dogs

I always like to turn my Uni briefs into something personal so when we got a live brief from the RSA about wearable intelligence and wellbeing I knew I wanted to do something close to home. 261 more words

Ethics in our Hands

Ethics in Jewellery

I recently went to a 2-day ethics symposium held at Dundee University and hosted by DJCAD. Fairtrade only became a thing in the Jewellery industry around 2011, Greg Valerio had been campaigning and investigating much earlier than that. 231 more words

Group Affinity Mapping Task

Affinity Mapping. I literally had no clue what the heck that was until guest speaker Katerina Gorkovenko came into to explain it to us. She described affinity mapping as a research methods to use in a design process. 405 more words