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  • Through use of photography and social media, young people feel more involved in society both locally and across the globe, helping them feel more connected to things they feel strongly about.
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Design Projects

The Intervention

The third and final brief of the Picture, Symbol, Icon┬ámodule caught my attention immediately. In groups, we were to take part in a social experiment in which fake signs were placed all around DJCAD, and people’s reactions and interactions monitored discreetly, to look at the impact signage has on the way people act. 1,178 more words

Design Projects

Brief 2: Double Page Spread

  • For brief 2 we were given a choice of 6 current designers to choose from and create a double page spread where you choose 500 words from their article to give the reader an insight into who this designer is and why they are important.
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Brief 3 - Intervention

Our final brief was to as a group create an intervention in a space within the DJCAD building. We could decide to either create physical signage and/or objects that will affect the behaviour of people within a chosen space both physically and mentally. 769 more words


Double Page Spread: Development

After trying different things out on illustrator related to my original draft, I eventually decided that the skills needed to make it a reality were too advanced, and also that I shouldn’t focus the graphics solely on one piece of art that Jessica Walsh has done. 356 more words

Design Projects

Double Page Spread: The Publication

Before being given this brief, I did not know of many arts or design publications. I therefore had a look online at the huge array of different options to try and learn more about them before choosing one in which I think my double page spread would be well suited. 272 more words

Design Projects

Double Page Spread: The Article

After reading the six articles, there was one designer who instantly caught my attention. The work of Jessica Walsh is very unlike anything I have seen before, and I found myself searching through images of her pieces for a while. 374 more words

Design Projects