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I really struggled with this aspect of the brief,

What was my ritual?

What did it have to do with Endometriosis?

Was my piece a talisman? 130 more words


21st Century Design #Sprint Week

Sprint week a heavily intense week of working together making a prototypes understanding design and the market. My experience was very intense but enjoyable and I learned allot. 1,391 more words

Final hurdles.

We’re almost done with the semester, with an assessment on Monday so the third year studio is a bit crazy right now! However I got over my most stressful week last week, so this week should just be tying up all the loose ends. 133 more words

Finished pieces

As I near the end of my project I find my pieces fall out of favour (with me), I know I am not the only one who thinks this way and it might be a symptom of the creative mind. 97 more words


Final Third Year Hand In

The final presentation consists of six fern prints, three of my photographic manipulations and the University Museum kindly lent me a book of ferns to show with my work. 34 more words


Why you should leave your comfort zone and put your work out there.

A massive learning curve in this semester was the exhibition that I and a group of fellow artists held in March. Because it was my idea I was appointed the unofficial organiser of the event. 678 more words


Lane Rope Parts

As The Octopus is intended for use in a swimming pool, a problem I have to tackle is how I will present my product at the Degree Show and New Designers Exhibition. 119 more words