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Technological Possibilities

If possible for the electronics in my project I would like to use Arduino simply for the fact that it is familiar to me and I am fluent and comfortable coding in the language. 421 more words


Great Career or Missed Opportunity?

“I had a dream once too kid, but I was afraid to pursue it.”TEDTalk: Larry Smith

Without a doubt we all have a dream,

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Earthly Grounding

Sorry for the radio silence, i’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks and am currently ill so have felt a bit like i’ve been walking in a haze! 126 more words


Concept Generation

Following from my research and workshop, the concept generation stage of my project turned out to be simpler than expected. This is mainly thanks to the ideas that came out from the workshop, the participants have made this stage much less painless. 484 more words


The Honey Hut

The Honey Hut Project
Aim: To transform a simple shed
Focus: Colour, Light, Surface

Today I finished the exterior of my honey hut. A shed I have designed to be inspired by busy bees. 42 more words


Research Into Existing Products

Aside from the whole wearable fitness tracker side of technology there are other interesting pieces of technology used in swimming.

Some of these are high end pieces of technology used in big competitions that are fully developed and successful and some are still in the process of development and their success can be debated upon. 329 more words