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Now that I am nearing the third chapter of my time at NCR, I have begun to venture into the ideation stage of my design process. 369 more words

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Inspiration Moodboard

Below, you will see a selection of images that demonstrate what the market looks like in regards to my project direction. The images that can be seen below are all examples of communication platforms and mobile note taking applications. 40 more words

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Inspiration – Lotus Blossom

In order to understand how to address my design requirements, I decided to use a design tool called a Lotus Blossom. This tool asks for the user to gather the 8 most desired requirements for a design outcome and find a currently existing example that addresses the requirement very well. 699 more words

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Design Scope

Now that I am coming up for the halfway point on this project I thought it valuable to have a Re-analysis of the design scope. The design scope included such aspects as the design challenge, the design objective, the predicted users, KPIs, barriers and the design requirements. 417 more words

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Insights Toolkit Update

After the initial development of the “Insights Toolkit” I asked the design team here at NCR to have a look over the content and recommend any changes that they felt necessary. 69 more words

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What is Global Social Media?

I was recently fortunate enough to have a discussion with NCR’s Global Social Media Manager and one of NCR’s Global Social Media Specialists. Their roles within the company revolve around overall governance of the company’s social media presence. 435 more words

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ami - portable stress saver

Designed to track stress levels, times and situations where they read the highest/are reoccurring, ami helps users better understand their own stress over time. The breath-assist LEDs allow the user to gain control of their breathing and calm them, for instantaneous relief. 25 more words