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Whats your preference - Pixels or Pencils?

  • Personally i am more inclined to use pencils over pixels. This is because i feel as though you can produce more intricate drawings free hand than if you were to use software where it is more restricted.
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Pixels or Pencils?

The Brief

The brief for this project was to create a gender-neutral character that would sit on top of the box I made during the workshop induction. 389 more words

Pixel or Pencil?

What is my preference – pixel or pencil? A simple question which for me unfortunately does not have a simple answer. When it comes to Art and Design, my preference of digital vs natural, like many things, completely depends on the context. 390 more words


Pixels or Pencils?

The Brief:

“Use your process of learning how to work with Arduino to help your story construction. Show the steps you learnt to tell the story of how you brought your character to life.  336 more words


What's in the Fox Box?

In the beginning of the new module after the initial sketching process, explained in my previous blog, we moved onto look at the programming of Arduino boards and how we could use them to power an LED light to include in our project. 391 more words


What's Your Preference, Pixels or Pencils?

Having recently worked with digital art and from doing a lot of sketches during my ways of seeing module I have quickly developed a preference for sketching over CAD. 326 more words


Navigating Experience Project

For our final ways of making project we were given a two week period to complete this task. This is also the first project where we were separated into pairs to test our team working skills as we are used to working solely. 862 more words