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Mapping Information

This project was to create a map of information in a personal and expressive way. At first I struggled to think of an idea that would be strong enough that other people might find it interesting. 292 more words

making maps.

A map is a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions, and themes.

So basically for my next assignment from my Picture Symbol Icon module I have been given a brief asking me to custom design a map of a defined space. 160 more words

Monument (2/2)

After making our monument we took it out to the place where we envisioned it would stand in real life. The location we chose was significant. 238 more words

monumental cont'd.

Continuing with our work related to the 3D landmark brief, we finished constructing our monument today. We all agreed that standing the lettering up on a base as if it were a scale model would be the best way to present our monument. 293 more words


Long time, no see huh? Reading week is now over and done with and I’m getting back into the swing of the routine. We started the second set of briefs for all our modules and I have been working away at them all. 327 more words

Thursday 20/10/16

As part of our Ways Of Seeing module, we were tasked to create a model which would create a social buzz in Dundee.

As this was reading week we met as a group and brainstormed different things we could make to show off in Dundee. 66 more words

Verdant Works Representation

Our Brief for this project was fairly simple. To make an expressive representation of the right side elevation of Verdant Works Museum. I tried to think about ways I could represent the building. 376 more words