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7x12 inch Painted Grateful Dead Djembe

This classic 12 x 7 (height/head) Drum has been hand painted with the legendary Steal Your Face Grateful Dead® Logo. This is a special design that is being manufactured for the Grateful Dead® by Sageman Drums. 25 more words

Making Japanese Friends with African Drums

The first step to introducing people to Jesus is to meet people. But how do you do that in a country as private as Japan? 315 more words

OMF Tohoku

The Solo Djembe

     Disclaimer: I actually finished this one just before I began this blog.

The Inspiration

Here’s a retroactive description of my process: I am a percussionist with an interest in “world percussion.” One of the instruments I play and study is the djembe, but I don’t have access to a West African drum ensemble at the moment, so I was looking up written solos to study and play and realized that there are about five at the time of this writing. 502 more words


Remo Designer Series Apex Djembe

Remo Designer Series Apex Djembe

A great instrument that incorporates old-school tradition and new-school technology
Price: $ 236.79
Sold by Sam Ash Music Marketing, LLC


Djembe, or Darbuka (doumbek)

I had a question, what is great for beginners. Darbuka (also known as doumbek), or Djembe.

I think on typical famous goblet drums on musical instrument market. 101 more words


My name is Karenna, and I’m a drum-aholic. I’m not ashamed or proud of that. It’s simply something that is. And as I begin my eighth year of playing the djembe drum, here’s some of what I know: 877 more words

Blog Post

20 (and 84)/100 - Circle/Skin

Our fair trade, handcrafted djembe has toured America since it made the trip here from West Africa. Sadly, its tour was not a musical one but for a brief visit with our farmer friend, Michael, in western South Dakota. 292 more words