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Three Recommendations

I have not had much time to read of late, and my blogging time has been close to zero hours per week; not ideal, but as I am sure you’ll understand, I need to prioritise my studies.   433 more words

Why We Like Rats Ass Review


Well, besides their most excellent name, they also have very good poetical sense. Thankfully!

One of mine as published in Rats Ass Love & Ensuing Madness. 38 more words


“I have been loved by something strange…and it has forgotten me.”

“Have you ever loved someone and it became yourself?”

—Djuna Barnes, Nightwood

With the thin tip of a round brush, I will be delicately coaxing colors to thin out where the saturation has built up too thickly for my liking, imagining that this shade of yellow is the same as that warm, meditative glow that once settled as a ring over your hair and melted into the blue of your eyes. 271 more words


nothing but mammals

im pathetic, so the weeks im spending off school for the holidaze and off the blog for a while is the same period in which ive been consciously reading more books by women, and so far only white women at that. 2,208 more words

US Lit

Djuna Barnes, Nightwood

Nightwood by Djuna Barnes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

…Felix was astonished to find that the most touching flowers laid on the altar he had raised to his imagination were placed there by the people of the underworld… 2,916 more words


“The unendurable is the beginning of the curve of joy.” – Djuna Barnes