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WWE Ultimate Superstar Guide 2nd Edition Review

Three years ago, WWE Books and DK Publishing released the WWE Ultimate Superstar Guide. That book featured over 200 superstar profiles of current and former WWE talent, and featured illustrations by Daz Tibbles. 653 more words


Ultimate LEGO Star Wars Book Review | DK Publishing

Square One
Zy Marquiez
November 19, 2017

BeyondTheBrick’s Joshua Hanlon reviews the brand new Ultimate LEGO Star Wars book by Andrew Becraft and Chris Malloy, who both blog for The Brother’s Brick. 17 more words


WWE Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Review

The latest book release from the DK Publishing/WWE partnership dropped at the beginning of the month, and as you would expect it’s a pretty good one. 770 more words


Book Review: LEGO - Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (HB 2017)

There’s a definite split right now between the old, nostalgic LEGO-loving crowd and the usual young crowd of kids who just want to build anything and everything. 354 more words


WWE Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

DK Publishing is back with another new hardcover WWE book. This one is called WWE Absolutely Everything You Need to Know. Watch my video review below to determine whether or not this book is worth picking up.

Michael Cavacini

The Illustrated Story of Art, by DK Publishing

Honestly? I wish I could re-read this book right away. I was expecting to find an enjoyable, yet mundane and ordinary book. Instead I found a true gem; a book filled with literally hundreds of pieces of artwork and tons of information. 199 more words


The Flower Book (★★★★☆)

Rachel Siegfried   *   DK Publishing   *   February 7, 2017   *   224 Pages

I usually associate DK Publishing with children’s sticker books (hello, Lego superheroes!), so I wasn’t sure what to expect from… 358 more words