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C++: Exporting std::string and other STL types from a DLL

The intelligent programmer breaks an entire project into a collection of library projects and a single executable project. Instead of working on one, mammoth executable file, the project is logically divided into functional parts. 566 more words


Create your Own Excel Functions in C#

Today we will see how to quickly write your own library of Excel function in C#.

But, what is the incentive?

There are many possible reasons, some of them could be: 518 more words


Creating a Significant Learning Environment

The most recent course I have just completed has really pushed my thinking in my areas especially considering how I plan lessons. We started the course by reading the book… 552 more words


Growth Mindset Revisited

As I started my journey in the DLL graduate program at Lamar University, I was introduced to Growth Mindset and read Carol Dweck’s work. I was blown away by the idea of fixed and growth mindset. 383 more words


Understanding by Design

Last week I created a three column table course using Fink’s guide focusing on aligning outcomes, assessments, and activities. It made me think more about my students as a whole learner and not just the outcome. 199 more words


Aligning Outcomes, Assessment, and Activities

This week I looked a little closer at Fink’s guide regarding aligning outcomes, assessment, and activities. Using the guide I created a unit/course for my first graders focusing on learning how to count money.  51 more words


Desktop screen sharing in Unity

In this article I will show you how you can share your desktop screen with other user or inside scene in Unity.

The complete article coming soon.