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.NET Private vs Shared Assemblies

Private Assembly

Private assemblies are local to an application and are located in the application directory or sub-directories. They can easily be replaced by newer version by just copy-paste.  430 more words


.NET Assembly Basics


Assembly is a versioned and self describing binary file that can be hosted in CLR. They

  • Promote code reuse
  • Establish type boundaries
  • Are self describing…
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Note-to-self: #FIM2010 Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.dll vs. Microsoft.MetadirectoryServicesEx.dll

Question: What’s the difference between Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.dll and Microsoft.MetadirectoryServicesEx.dll?

MIIS/ILM code is using the Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.dll, while FIM is using Microsoft.MetadirectoryServicesEx.dll.

Can the old DLL be removed from the FIM code extensions, when the new DLL is referenced in code? 63 more words


Getting "Error: this template attempted to load component assembly Sitecore.Rocks.TemplateWizard..." ? Try this...

At some point in your early Sitecore career you will likely encounter the following error:

Perhaps you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Sitecore Rocks but still had the issue? 189 more words


Stuck On "Cannot Load php7apache2_4.dll into server: The specified module could not be found"? Try this...

I recently just performed a PHP upgrade from 5.6.15 to 7.0.1. After doing everything I had suspected I needed to do I received this error in my logs when trying to start Apache: 143 more words


Year in Review

Looking back over 2015, it’s been a year packed with action around early childhood education at NIEER, in the states, and across the country.

US News wrote… 460 more words


Finishing the job we started: the next best step in early childhood education

By Valora Washington and Jeffrey Gross. Valora Washington is the Founder and Director of the CAYL Institute (www.cayl.org) and CEO of the Council for Professional Recognition ( 683 more words