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Hai semua,

Hari ini setelah sekian lama blog ini gw update, dan update kali ini gak membahas apa2, hanya saja gw kepingin berkomitmen untuk menulis dan berbagi wawasan serta pendapat sama temen2 yang kebetulan baca blog ini. 116 more words


Annotated Bibliography: Innovation in the Classroom

Below you will find a few resources I plan to read in the near future to help strengthen my knowledge and understanding of disruptive innovation, technology in the classroom, e-portfolios, adapting to change, leading at my level, and tying together how we will be able to use this within our classrooms. 747 more words

Are We Proactive or Reactive?

As we all know, change can be a good thing- especially when we are the ones initiating and driving the change.  My plan to launch an eportfolio platform: … 692 more words

Enhancing with E-Ports Video

This is a short video demonstrating why E-Portfolios should be used in our classes at L.I.T, and how they can positively impact our students and their futures! 868 more words

Literature Review: Enhancing with E-Ports

Literature Review: Enhancing with E-Ports

Chelsea L. Hoke

Lamar University

       In a world that is constantly changing and continuously evolving, the education system has extensive room for massive innovations and transformations.  2,959 more words

Project: Enhancing with E-Ports

Welcome to my outline of my Innovation Plan, Enhancing with E-Ports!

For further details on how and why this project will benefit our students:

Please visit  811 more words

Visual Studio 2015 - Sqlite3 includes

I’m a real beginner in c++ but I already love this language.
So I decided to do some basics with sqlite3, which turns out to be more complicated to me, than it should. 433 more words