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TFU | Oct. 9-15

Leading Off

The ICBA protested Square’s ILC application and called for a moratorium on all ILC applications; SoFi announced that it has withdrawn its ILC application; SWIFT and several bank partners conducted a successful DLT proof-of-concept test; Hyatt announced it experienced a data breach that exposed the payment information of customers at 41 hotels; China’s government is pressuring large tech firms to give it a larger role in corporate operations; and Russia will issue an official digital currency. 440 more words

Weekly Update

European Central Bank Consider Restrictions On The Manipulate Of Cryptocurrencies

European Central Bank (ECB) is at present talking about the likelihood of executing legitimate limitations identifying with digital forms of money, as per Ewald Nowotny, an individual from the ECB’s administering board and the legislative head of the National Bank of Austria. 316 more words


BoE reviews FinTech Accelerator progress

Andrew Hauser, Executive Director for Banking, Payments and Financial Resilience, has commented on the work of BoE’s FinTech Accelerator programme since its launch in June 2016. 141 more words


Gibraltar Financial Services Commission Released A Lesson On Investment In Token Offerings (ICOs)

Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) distributed an announcement with respect to appropriated record innovation, token offerings, and administration. As clarified in the organization’s discharge, in January 2018, the GFSC will foundation an administrative system for dispersed record innovation (DLT). 254 more words


Invitation to join the Gibraltar Stock Exchange’s (GSX) Blockchain Innovation Centre - Press release from GSX

Invitation to join the Gibraltar Stock Exchange’s Blockchain Innovation Centre

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) has created the Blockchain Innovation Centre (BIC) as part of its ongoing drive to embrace newest technologies and combine them with the best practices from the GSX’s traditional regulated domain. 713 more words

Cryptocurrencies Are SO Money

EDRODPOV NOTE: This blog post originally appeared on the Medium platform on May 22nd of 2017. On July 25th, the SEC published a report on the DAO ICO indicating that some, but not all, blockchain tokens are securities. 2,085 more words

Blockchain Primer Paper on Decentralised Identity

The rise of decentralisation ushered in by blockchain technology and the personal computing power of the smartphone has offered up a practical new way to manage Digital Identity that is appealing to nearly everyone and has enormous potential everywhere; from financial services to global supply chains to the humanitarian sector. 82 more words