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Adapt or Die: The Incoming Tidal Wave of Technological Revolution

I really think that there are huge changes heading our way in the job market and economy that will effect all industries. Advancements are coming at an exponential rate in Robotics and Processing Speed combined with AI, Big Data and Distributed Decentralised Technology. 809 more words


Bitcoin, Cybercurrencies and Blockchain

What would we do without money/currency? Money is the unit in which we express prices (making it easer to compare the relative cost of things) and the asset with which we pay for our purchases and debts. 1,375 more words


An Introduction To Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain Technology)

On July 13, 2017, FINRA held a Blockchain Symposium to assess the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the financial industry, including the maintenance of shareholder and corporate records. 3,850 more words


DLT - Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed Ledger:

A distributed ledger is a type of data structure which resides across multiple computer devices, generally spread across locations or regions 88 more words


Crypto Unicorns and Blockchains?

Insights about Crypto Market and Unicorns

By now you have heard about Bitcoin. The 2017 holidays many family and friends conversations buzzed more about Bitcoin than probably the Macy’s Day parade. 924 more words


ICO Regulation - Gibraltar and Russia lead the way, get on the Bandwagon ROTW

Last week, I touched upon divergence in the global regulatory landscape, especially around data privacy. The ICO regulatory landscape is no different in that respect. 731 more words

Bitcoin & Blockchain