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What's the difference between a distributed ledger and a blockchain?

A blockchain is a type of distributed ledger.  But new distributed ledgers are emerging. These are databases where control over the data’s evolution is shared… 109 more words


Yes, but what's new with distributed ledgers?

This short post is inspired by a conversation I had recently with a couple of finance professors from top business schools who had some questions about blockchains. 654 more words


Interactive Blockchain Lectures at Hult International Business School

In November the Hult International Business School in London  invited Al Sherriff of CBoxx and David Taylor from OCP  to deliver an interactive lecture on… 181 more words

Blockchain, DLT, digital money

The consultancy meeting was held last Monday in the Poland’s Parliament in a subject of “Digital money and distributed ledger technology – current status and challenges”. 836 more words

Digital Transformation

Operation Yew-tree - celebrity sex offences - Justice.

The sexualisation and abuse of young boys and girls is rightly a criminal offence. Paedophiles and paedophile rings should be stopped and prosecuted with the full force of the law. 689 more words


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As the Cliff Richard fiasco continues it seems a good time to put this back out. Jimmy Saville now has a lot more victims to his name - except this time they are now victims of a sexual predator but victim celebrities wrongfully accused of sexual crimes. Peoples' lives are being wrecked. They should have complete anonymity at least! And the CFPS should not proceed unless there are substantial grounds. Hanging a person's name out there in order to see if anyone else comes forward is a grotesque infringement of their rights. Innocent people are being broken. The pendulum has swung much too far with every name added to this list. It is unjust.

The Role of Blockchain in Fund Management

By: Alex Tarantino

Blockchain – also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) –  is without a doubt a market disruptor and a regular topic on the agenda at Fund Forum International in Berlin. 658 more words

Asset Managers

Are Crypto-Currencies more Democratic?

The internet, as I’m sure you know, is formed of millions of connections between nodes, or access points for all its users.

Concurrent with, or alongside, this network a new network has sprung up, consisting of the Bitcoin miners and its payment system. 1,086 more words

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