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Farewell to Florals

For the past several months the Rachofsky Quadrant Gallery on the Museum’s first level has been occupied by seven large paintings spanning half of the gallery nearly floor to ceiling. 665 more words

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Colors of Kente

Alongside the gold ornamentation, furniture and weaponry, one of the other artforms in the new exhibition, The Power of Gold: Asante Royal Regalia from Ghana… 375 more words

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Project 3: Coupon and Email

This project consisted of five main elements.The first element I worked on was the style tile. From this, all the other elements of the projects would be based, so I edited it to match my design ideas. 502 more words


Direct Memory Access (DMA)

In the last post, where I talk a bit about addressing modes in HD’s, I mentioned something like a circuit called DMAC, and as promised I’ll outline it in this article how readers will understand how it is related to the past article. 2,240 more words

C And Assembly

HD's and Addressing Modes

Today I’m going to change the subject of C and Assembly a little bit for HD’s. Have you ever wondered how I can read a certain amount of bytes from a name file located in such a directory on the hard drive? 1,387 more words


How to get rid of junk mail forever!

Tired of junk mail in your mailbox: unwanted retail coupons, high APR credit card offers, strange catalogs for weird products?

You can opt-out of all of the above and more by leveraging the DMA Choice… 234 more words


Cultural Exchange in Asante History

Cultural exchange takes many forms, historically ranging from forced interaction in war, colonization, slavery, and looting, to the peaceful sharing of items, ideas, and practices. With this nuanced transformation of “cultural exchange” over time, I’d like to offer a sneak peek into the abundance of it in the DMA’s upcoming exhibition, … 767 more words

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