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We're Turning Five

This Saturday, April 25, we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the DMA Autism Awareness Family Celebration. The first program took place in April 2010, tied to Autism Awareness Month, with research beginning in the summer of 2009. 926 more words

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Time for a break

I’ve had a lot of fun working on the Toshiba project over the last three weeks or so. Highlights include:


Media Internship

Media Internship

Upper Peninsula Bible Camp, Little Lake , MI

June 20th to August 15th

Job Description:

  • Generating daily media content and uploading to various locations with the assistance of the Media Asset Manager, Keely Costello, and the UPBC Media and Technology Committee…
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Mr. Turner: They Say It’s Your Birthday

This week we will celebrate Joseph Mallord William “J. M. W.” Turner’s 240th birthday! The pioneering English artist always claimed that his birthday was April 23, 1775, but in fact the precise date of his birth is a bit of a mystery. 324 more words

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Busy Winter Season

The DMA Blog has been a pretty quiet place these last few months – time to get it buzzing with updates! The winter, while always a period of downtime for the company, was not without exciting events for the staff.   180 more words


The Possibility Of Driving 16,000 RGB LEDs

Like just about everyone we know, decided a gigantic RGB LED matrix would be a cool thing to build. Gigantic LED matrices are very hard to build, though: not only do you have to deal with large power requirements and the inevitable problems of overheating, you also need to drive a boat load of LEDs. 165 more words

Led Hacks

PIO, DMA, and general confusion

The Toshiba Project continues!

My latest research has been focused on the hard drive, specifically, why it is limited to PIO 0.

With my new… 259 more words