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Lean Six Sigma in the manufacturing process of the oil and gas industry

Lean Six Sigma in the manufacturing process of the oil and gas industry

If there’s any industry that can benefit well from the Lean Six Sigma process… 297 more words

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How to Pick Your Path to Real Cost Savings, Part Three

One of the most crucial things with which a manager is tasked is finding ways to cut costs.  It is also one of the most challenging things because it can be very hard to see opportunity and equally as difficult to make sure that short-term cost reductions aren’t actually creating long-term loss.  901 more words

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March 2015 review of February

February is the shortest month of the year. It’s a poor excuse for my few February postings I know, but lack of time is nevertheless the primary cause of this historical low number of posts on my blog. 528 more words


Five Steps to Solve ANY Problem

Let me let you in on a little secret: Six Sigma is not about the stats.

Managers are problem solvers, and if one thing can be said about the problems you are facing is that they are as different and unique as cobwebs.  1,373 more words


Six Sigma Introduction

All operations, no matter how well managed, are capable of improvement. In fact in recent years the emphasis has shifted towards making improvement one of the main responsibilities of operations managers. 906 more words


Starting My Lean Journey

Change is the only permanent thing in this world as they said… so do I. I want to start now my Lean journey from two years back of procrastination. 577 more words

Variation in your process.

In the last post, I talked about what a process means. A process will have some suppliers, who provide inputs to the process, and customers, who uses output from it. 556 more words