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Six Sigma: DMAIC methodology

Define: problem. Business case. Scope. Defect. CTQ: Critical-To-Quality factors. Risks. Current & to-be process maps. Deliverables.
Focus the issues again on the problem definition to filter out CTQs. 259 more words


Quality Tools in Daily Life

This past month, ASQ asked the Influential Voices: “How do you incorporate quality tools into your daily life?” That’s a topic I’ve covered here often, and from many different perspectives: 390 more words


Do You Want to Solve a Problem or Improve a Process?

Traditionally organizations have focused on solving problems. Why wouldn’t they focus on problems? Solving problems is a good thing. Yet, when we focus on problems, it generally involves more than one process with varying degrees of influence on those other processes. 241 more words


Are you part of the 8 percent who understand customers?

Misalignment between companies perceived and customers experienced service level.

New data from the qualitative company Megafon and report by the Danish consultancy company Meng & Company… 635 more words

Asking Great Business Questions

Introduction to Six Sigma, in the way you want to know !

What is Six Sigma?

A method that delivers organizations to improve the capability of their business practices. This increase in performance and decrease in process variation lead to defect reduction and improvement in profits, employee morale, and quality of products or services. 1,595 more words

Six Sigma