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Financial industry and Six Sigma

The great recession in the period 2007-2009 posed a challenging question as to why were we not able to assess and predict credit and market risk. 248 more words

DMAIC Guidelines


Are there general guidelines or target durations for each phase of DMAIC?

Knowing that we have fruit salad in our portfolio – apples, oranges, grapes, melons, plus 10 more – are there recommendations on how to generate meaningful guidelines for duration where trying to categorize a project may have a considerable number of characteristics and be quite different? 263 more words

Six Sigma

Approaches in Six Sigma

Six Sigma is widely known for its ability to improve. The process, often coupled with Lean methodologies, uses a systematic approach in addressing issues within a company to arrive at a cleaner, better oiled machine. 207 more words


Could continuous improvement (CI) be simpler than you thought?

Imagine if you could build continuous improvement (CI) into your business simply and easily? Since I’ve been seriously involved in performance improvement I have seen so many organisations get themselves all “Lean, Business Process Re-engineered, or Six Sigma’d up, then the teams who are now qualified go out and get little or no results. 850 more words

Increased Performance