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Happy Birthday Boyd Tinsley!

Happy Birthday to the one and only Mr. Boyd Tinsley!

Born today, May 16th, 1964.

Check’em out Boyd!

DMB Tour 08/07/2007, Camden, NJ

DMB Tour 07/05/2005, Camden, NJ

DMB Tour 08/07/2007, Camden, NJ


Day 95. "Under the Table and Dreaming" by Dave Matthews Band

Well, Dave…you’ve still managed to wiggle your way onto my playlists. Though some of you may cringe at this because Dave Matthews Band is like the Hanes T-shirt of music, I look at that shirt as a staple in any well rounded wardrobe ( I actually don’t own one…but that is the analogy I have decided to use). 168 more words

Featured Artist - Dave Matthews Band

There are few bands that draw a more diverse set of feelings out of me than Dave Matthews Band. And I’m not talking about what emotions a particular song evokes or how their music impacts me. 1,246 more words

open up that lovely flower

When I first started this blog approximately 3 years ago, I used to name all my posts by using lyrics from Dave Matthews’ songs. Since then, I have modified my post naming format a bit and I tend to use varying naming conventions these days. 494 more words

What's next?

Haven’t been to a show in awhile… But what’s on the agenda for the summer? 241 more words

A to Z Challenge: D stands for Dave Matthews Band

If you don’t know who Dave Matthews Band is, find out.  Find one of their many CD’s and listen.  Find a song, any song that makes you smile and listen.   278 more words


As heavy as stone and as blue as I go...

Concert season is among us…

I got my DMB Live Trax today so I’ve been a little excited.

I was just looking at the Klipsch/Verizon/Deer Creek concert lists this summer and I’m pretty bummed. 450 more words