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Hell Bats! [blog post]

I wanted to design something seasonal. And small — ornament sized, no bigger, even on 14 count aida. And then I found a vintage design in one of the pattern archives that inspired me because, IMO bats don’t get nearly the love they deserve. 413 more words


My Friend’s Death Trap Excuse of a Car

Sundays are the best days for one to leave their suburb and drive into Kampala. If you don’t have a car, they are still the best days to cheaply hop into a taxi or grab a bodaboda and head into town. 487 more words


More than a Social Club

by Michael Greenzeiger


Brothers and Sisters,

We are reminded every time we begin a formal meeting that we should regard our lodge as our family and hail each other as brothers and sisters. 485 more words

Devil May Cry: Realization

Did any of you play Devil May Cry 4 (?). It’s the one where a guy with a magic arm named Nero is the protagonist. Dante is the usual main character (and you will be able to play him later in the game). 199 more words

box of birds part 3

The little nuthatch slip is now finished and I think I did right by leaving out the padding.


[DL] [161008] Taeyeon @ DMC Festival


The Album was compiled by Enticing Waves

Name: 161008 Taeyeon @ DMC Festival {@enticingwaves3981}

Size: 209 MB (219,677,436 bytes)

Content: 215 Files, 18 Folders… 21 more words