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When Winner Takes All, We All Lose

At PlanitEasy, we don’t subscribe to the winner takes all mentality. We don’t believe in building walls; we believe in building bridges and partnerships. In fact, we consider ourselves disrupters of the whole idea of the zero sum game. 518 more words

DmC: Devil May Cry Preview

(Originally posted on Grimm Games on 1st October 2012)

Excitedly I wander over to the DmC: Devil May Cry booth hoping to see an excellent addition to the franchise and to prove all the idiots who complain about the colour of Dante’s hair wrong. 517 more words


How the Beastie Boys Changed Hip-Hop

Writer: Brandon Fuller

Source: Solid Gold Hits

Pin-roll your jeans, grab the nearest pair of Adidas, and get ill because we’re getting no sleep til Brooklyn on this one. 527 more words


Devil May Cry, All Hype All The Time [Review]

I wasn’t expecting to have a review out this fast after yesterday’s but I honestly wasn’t expecting to have finished anything this soon either. So after all the existentialism and thought-provoking ideas spurred on by Beyond Good and Evil I thought I needed something a bit more blunt, something in a genre, something where I can just beat up a ton of guys. 1,191 more words


Materials for the Kickstarter Project

This Spring we launched a successful Kickstarter project (thanks again, everyone!) and are now in the process of creating the pieces. I’ve been brainstorming about each element all year and I’m thrilled to start stitching soon. 59 more words


Quick and Bold Birthday Card

We needed a birthday card lickety split last week! For one of our neighbors. I always think his birthday is at the end of August, but, ALAS, it is at the beginning of August. 38 more words


New York, 1998 : Headhunter

There was a pretty dark period in my life, thousands of miles away from my mother as she was dying.

I worked as a headhunter in Manhattan. 1,199 more words