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Dungeon Design 101: No "Empty" Rooms

In one easy sentence: every room should advance the story or reinforce the themes of the dungeon in a meaningful way. Useless, or “empty”, rooms penalize your Players’ curiosity by wasting their time and efforts. 838 more words


This Week Brought to You by Writer's Block

Hey, gang. I promised an article this week and instead you’re gonna get this rambling thought. I’ve started and stopped about three different topics this week and found myself stuck halfway through each one. 194 more words

Magic Items and Blessings for Your 5e Theros Campaigns

Mystic Odysseys of Theros released digitally this week, providing a whole new world of deities, monsters, history, and more for us to explore. However, I’m admittedly old-school and waiting for the physical release on July 21 before I sink my teeth into the official content. 1,221 more words


Break the PC Monotony in D&D 5e with 3 Easy Tips

As much as I love Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, I admit I sometimes stare longingly at my 3.5e materials and reminisce on the zany character concepts I built using the plethora of skill choices and feats available in that system. 2,234 more words


Why We Really Don't Need D&D 6th Edition...Yet

In the past week or so, a rather startling groundswell has started to form, one which I thought we were years away from seeing: a call for… 1,809 more words


Failing Forward is Great, and Why You Need to Use it In Your Future Games

Exploring their latest long-abandoned castle, an adventuring group comes upon a sturdy metal door. After giving the door a few good pulls, they determine it’s locked. 1,243 more words


3 Ways Playing a Different TTRPG Improves Your D&D Game

For our anniversary this year, my wife gifted me the Keeper’s Rulebook for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. While being the best gift possible, it reminded me of how many times I see the phrase “ 1,064 more words