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Mencari Detail Perangkat Keras di GNU/Linux

Baru-baru kemaren, saya ngerusuhin server branded di data center Jakarta. Setelah mesin kelar dipasang OS dan dikonfigurasi. Staff kantor malah minta spesifikasi mesin. Lah saya cuma tukang masang. 69 more words


Gathering Linux System Information Using Bash

Following up on my recent post, Simple Bash Server Check Script, I wanted to continue the theme of server monitoring and discuss gathering some basic system information. 1,124 more words


Server booting correctly but file /boot/grub/grub.conf is missing

I was checking a server that didn’t have the file /boot/grub/grub.conf but it was booting without any issues.

The server is a Proliant Gen9

root@linux:~ # dmidecode –type system…

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dmidecode utility for Linux Users

Dmidecode utility is used to find or view Bios and hardware  information about our machine.This article will be very helpful in troubleshooting through your linux machine.It will help you to know the exact information about the device and drivers required for your motherboard.If you want to know exact model of your computer which includes motherboard,processor,hard drive,dvd writter,usb slot,graphics card,network card,bios,manufacturer etc you can easily get all those information using this command. 1,389 more words


hpacucli Error: No controllers detected

I have a HP Proliant server that is using hardware RAID for the boot disk but when I used hpacucli no status was shown

root@linux:~ # hpacucli ctrl all show config…

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How to get hardware info using dmidecode

dmidecode is an useful application on Linux to obtain hardware information from DMI or SMBIOS of your system.

This application is typically installed on Ubuntu. If not, it is easy to get it: 84 more words

How to get detailed CPU info - dmidecode

How can one be sure that he/she is using full power of CPU? for that we need to know information about our processor. In this post I will discuss what I learned during my work over the years. 511 more words