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Russian shares sell off amid sanctions fears

The ruble has experienced its biggest one-day fall for over two years and stocks in major Russian companies also slid, as investors reacted to a new round of US sanctions targeting some of Russia’s biggest tycoons. 600 more words


Putin wins 75 per cent of vote: partial results 

Vladimir Putin has been re-elected as Russian president with 75 per cent of the vote after half the votes were counted, partial results showed today. 45 more words

Photos: The evolution of Putin after almost two decades in power

Russian president Vladimir Putin is widely expected to win his fourth term when voters go to the polls on Sunday, March 18. Putin has been the ever-present face of Russian politics since he was elevated to the role of prime minister by Boris Yeltsen in 1999. 424 more words

Rise of Tyranny on the World Stage

First Russia:

“ Putin… did not change Russia’s constitution but maneuvered around it by installing a loyal ally in Dmitry Medvedev to serve as president for one term, while he retained the real power as the country’s prime minister — before returning in 2012 for a third term as president.” (

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Eight Years of Obama's Weakness Toward Russia

Andrew Kugle writes: During eight years of former President Barack Obama’s weakness towards Russia, the country invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea, propped up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and interfered in the 2016 election. 263 more words

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Sexy ‘Graft’ Video May Lead Russia to Block Instagram, YouTube

Russia may block access to YouTube and Instagram after billionaire Oleg Deripaska won a court injunction against videos and photographs that showed him and Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko relaxing on a yacht with a woman described as an escort. 530 more words


Russia's elite think the US "oligarchs list" is hilarious

Moscow’s upper echelons spent months consumed with worry about a sanctions list that would be published by the US Treasury at the end of January. Now they’re laughing. 636 more words