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What Are Disciple Making Movements?

How did the first disciples spread the gospel?

Looking back at how the gospel moved in the beginning can inform how we make disciples today. One way we can describe exponential discipleship is Disciple Making Movements, or DMM. 32 more words


50 Poster in Erlangen

Die Stadt Erlangen hat 50 Poster in der ganzen Stadt verteilt. Wer hat schon eins gesichtet?

Data Migration Matters 8, 2 June 2015

Data Migration Matters is pretty well established now and this is my third year attending. You can read my last review here if you’re interested. As usual, it was fronted by Johny Morris, blogger, migration guru and author of the industry-standard manual on how to get the job done, … 1,328 more words


Kalymnian Sunshine

After a less than successful trip to Spain and a hectic start to the year I decided to have a weeks holiday in Kalymnos with a good friend of mine Katy Piddock for some much needed girl time, sunshine and ice cream. 2,631 more words

What Makes DMM Unique?

Disciple Making Movements is a unique strategy for making disciples and planting churches. The principles listed below compare Disciple Making with other church planting strategies. 409 more words



The Disciple Making Process – How Does It Work?

To give you a simplified picture – think of a chain with 5 links:  The first link is Community Engagement: … 414 more words