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Operation Stacked

“Diverted traffic! There we go”, we turned accordingly for another little yellow sign, hidden behind a bush like an Easter egg.

We had been part of this diverted traffic for over an hour, a result of splitting all other traffic from the freight lorries in the somewhat incredible ‘operation stack’, in which 5 and a half thousand lorries were currently using the M20 as a sort of car park, in what must be the worlds most expensive game of Tetris. 361 more words


An Eventful Summer

I’ve sat down to write a blog so many times since the end of May and now we are nearly into August. It’s been a busy but fun time for me with lots of coaching and setting work mixed in with some cool trips so I thought I’d write a little about the highlights of the last 2 months. 3,140 more words

Worst vacation ever? DMM to offer a week of hikikomori life free to one lucky fan

While some may find the idea of locking themselves in their room for months or even years at a time horrifying, for some that’s just their daily life. 691 more words


Extra bright want ya'll to see this...

I’m sorry everyone for the huge delay in my posts, I have been so busy but I promise, I’m back! Well I hope I am… Without any more delay welcome to my “comeback” post? 589 more words


What Are Disciple Making Movements?

How did the first disciples spread the gospel?

Looking back at how the gospel moved in the beginning can inform how we make disciples today. One way we can describe exponential discipleship is Disciple Making Movements, or DMM. 32 more words


50 Poster in Erlangen

Die Stadt Erlangen hat 50 Poster in der ganzen Stadt verteilt. Wer hat schon eins gesichtet?

Data Migration Matters 8, 2 June 2015

Data Migration Matters is pretty well established now and this is my third year attending. You can read my last review here if you’re interested. As usual, it was fronted by Johny Morris, blogger, migration guru and author of the industry-standard manual on how to get the job done, … 1,328 more words