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I practiced new tools on photoshop. i used Magic wand tool and magnetic lasso tool to select the flowers in different backgrounds. Magnetic lasso tool took me alot of time than using magic wand tool. 27 more words


WBG Corporate Procurement Presentation

On Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 the World Bank Group corporate procurement team held a information session webinar. The webinar was used to explain the updates, changes and to answer any questions about corporate procurement at the World Bank. 32 more words

WBG News & Reports

"Pulling on plastic"

Being nervous is one of those things that most people don’t really enjoy. I think its safe to say that the feeling of apprehension and over analytical thinking is enough to put people of whatever is causing them to feel this way. 300 more words


The road gets packed: the 72 get on their way

The question “What do you do?” will get a different response from me, depending on who I talk to, their awareness of Biblical Christianity, and inevitably what mood I’m in. 674 more words


My year so far part 1

My Year so far Part 1

Apologies for the delay on writing any blogs this year, my website has been a work in progress so here is an incredibly late blog that will be in two halves. 2,617 more words