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Do DNA Testing Companies Like 23andMe Own Your Biological Data?

The Federal Trade Commission issued a striking holiday missive last year: If you’re thinking of buying an at-home DNA testing kit, make sure to consider the privacy implications: “Although most tests require just a swab of the cheek,” the agency wrote, “that tiny sample can disclose the biological building blocks of what makes you you.” 357 more words


Episode 2: To test or not to test?

Access to DNA testing has become more available across the country and many have taken advantage of it – but others have not. Shannon Halligan and Nick Sloan dive into why that’s the case and discuss their own thoughts on DNA testing.

Genealogy... Finally Took That DNA Test

I put it off for years but I finally took a DNA test for ancestry. I went through 23andMe and I’m pleased with their reporting. It wasn’t easy to read reports with new words and phrases that I wasn’t accustomed to. 77 more words


Can DNA Genealogy break through Family Tree Mysteries?

Can DNA genealogy solve the family tree mysteries of your brick wall ancestors? Can a DNA test tell you where your 19th-century second-great-grandfather was born in Ireland, or the names of his parents? 1,701 more words


Mountain Town Considers Dog Waste DNA Testing

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Town officials in Breckenridge are considering testing the DNA of dogs to match it up to uncollected dog waste.

The town says they received a number of complaints about dog owners not picking up after their pets. 24 more words


Rape Conviction Vacated Four Decades After Plea

This post is based on an article by the same title by Justin Juvenal in the Metro Section of the 2 March 2018 issue of the Washington Post. 590 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data