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Prenatal Paternity Testing – A Way to Detect Father and Child Biological Relationship

A family can detect very rapidly, if there is any biological relationship between a kid and an alleged father with a Prenatal Paternity Testing. Nowadays, this kind of testing is used to decide the custody cases, establish lawful kid support cases, influence adoption proceedings, and to support in claiming legacy by giving evidence of relationship. 242 more words

Dna Testing

Global Warming Uncovers A Secret

Heidi, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real, is thinking about a news story she just read. It’s like a sad fairy tale complete with “Frozen” elements: 75 years ago a humble Swiss couple–the husband a shoemaker, the wife a teacher–went out to milk their cows and never came back. 132 more words

The New Jersey connection

Isaac Abram Feinstein was Ari’s 4x great-grandfather. He was born in about 1827 in Polangen (now Palanga), on the Baltic coast of Lithuania, and died on 23 March 1901 in Libau (now Liepaja), which is further north on the same coast, in Latvia. 108 more words

Why Are American Adopted Adults Denied the Right To Know Who They Are?

There is simply no good reason. As an adoptive parent of two sons born in the United States and twin daughters born in Ethiopia, I believe that adopted people have the basic human and civil right to know their original family, to know their original names, to know their medical history, and to choose whether they want to pursue a reunion, once they have this information. 822 more words


Your DNA Experiences - A Brief Survey

Would you mind helping us learn more about your experiences with at home genetic DNA tests with this brief survey? We’d like to know more about your experiences as we develop more DNA-related content on the blog. 19 more words

Family History

Making Connections

I just got off the phone to a lady whose grandsons matched my grandfather (Dad’s Dad) as third cousins. Turns out the connection was an easy one to work out, the lady I was talking to and her grandsons are related to us on the Peace line. 54 more words

Help Drive Research Forward for African Americans

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We believe genetics and the study of disease should be for everyone.
All ethnicities. All people.

Help drive research forward for African Americans. 663 more words

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