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The SJC Affirms Expanded Access to Justice in DNA Testing Case

by Michael Ricciuti, Kathleen Parker and Patrick McCooe

Case Focus

On July 29, 2016, the Supreme Judicial Court decided Commonwealth v. Wade, 475 Mass. 54 (2016), which defined the reach of the DNA testing statute, General Laws Chapter 278A, enacted in 2012.  2,138 more words

Case Focus

The Secret Behind a DNA Ethnicity Test

A DNA ancestry test provides information about a person’s ethnicity. With DNA test results in hand, you have the opportunity to learn about a specific ancestor, your child, and even yourself. 173 more words

DNA Test Results

Diapers and DNA

If I were to make a list of pet peeves, littering would be near the top.

As an amateur psychologist, I would argue that people who just throw their garbage anywhere they happen to be are suffering from personality deficiencies. 1,146 more words


Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson - Ancestry DNA Testing Results!

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Paternity Doubts?

Despite whether you are a charged father, mother, tyke or grandparent, managing flawed paternity brings on a roller coaster of feelings that affect your regular day to day existence. 628 more words

Medical Laboratory

The Virginians

Mildred  Stanley was our neighbor when we lived in  Raleigh. She had snow white hair and looked to be in her seventies. Mrs. Stanley spoke with a beautiful Southern accent and stood in as a sort of grandmother when my kids were little. 1,203 more words


New life insurance rules on genetic testing called '11th hour' stalling attempt

The decision by Canada’s life insurers to stop requiring genetic testing for the vast majority of new policy holders is being dismissed as a pre-emptive strike against pending federal legislation that the industry strongly opposes. 682 more words