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The Terrifying Privacy Policies of DNA Testing Companies

By Kristin V. Brown


You probably wouldn’t hand out your social security number without having a pretty good idea of how that information was going to be used, right? 207 more words


DNA Medical Testing at Pall Mall Medical.

Accurate DNA Testing at Pall Mall Medical available as per your reasons and requirements.

Human body is made up of cells, containing 23 pairs of chromosomes. 257 more words

Archived: Blood Feud post from WIRED / How the Dawes Rolls are flawed for proving Native American ancestry / How Tribal Membership is Colonialized

The task of enrolling the Indians was assigned to white clerks dispatched from Washington. They set up vast tent villages in Oklahoma towns and sent word through tribal officials that anyone interested in claiming their land had to register.

870 more words
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While Insightful Into Ancestry, Genetic Testing Could Have Serious Life Insurance Consequences

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PITTSBURGH (CBS) — Genetic testing kits were a top seller this past holiday season.

They promise insight into your ancestry and more; and as science advances, so does their accuracy. 485 more words


Doing What I Said I Wouldn't: Promethease

…I blame the ‘get your report for free throughout the month of December!’ promotion that the company had going. I set out a year ago, promising myself that I wouldn’t run my DNA through any type of medical report program, as I do suffer from anxiety. 465 more words


After 60 Years Of Friendship, Men Learn They're Biological Brothers

(CNN) — Seventy-four-year-old Walter Macfarlane and 72-year-old Alan Robinson have been friends for more than 60 years.

Born in Honolulu, they first met in elementary school, played high school football together and joke they could have married the same girl. 1,139 more words

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After years of being told seizures were “just in her head”, a young Australian girl has finally learned what was causing her mystery illness.

DNA sequencing technology was able to confirm 17-year-old Teresa’s condition was due to a defective collagen gene. 432 more words