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My Journey into Autosomal DNA Testing

Until recently I was one of those people who did not think that autosomal DNA testing would bring much to the table in terms of advancing my own genealogy research. 604 more words

Personal Family History/Research

Sketch Menace Talks About His Battle With DNA | #DuelInTheDesert - #BattleRapNews #BattleRapInterviews #BattleRapReport #SayItAgain

Sketch Menace Talks About His Battle With DNA | #DuelInTheDesert – #BattleRapNews #BattleRapInterviews #BattleRapReport #SayItAgain Read More – https://wp.me/p60eNF-aBb

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Life Is Even More Inexplicable - New Findings - 2015/09/01


On August 5, 2015, I published a blog post, “Life Is Inexplicable”, reviewing contrasting views on the origin of life (Addy Proos and Richard Dawson).   930 more words

Cultural Literacy

Anirban Bandyopadhyay on Biological Rhythms

In July 2014 I was contacted by Anirban Bandyopadhyay and we had a chat on skype. He told me that he had found my web site late one evening and that he had then spent 18 hours without food or sleep reading it all and watching my Youtube videos. 101 more words


Ancestry DNA: new features

Ancestry offers DNA testing. Last week they announced new features available at their website, if  you have your own Ancestry subscription. These are called Shared Matches and DNA Circles. 79 more words



There are so many times that I just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. When I’m confronted with questions regarding why this or that isn’t done, my ‘go to’ answer is, “I got busy.” Thankfully, I’m rarely ever asked what it was that kept me so busy. 427 more words

10 Pieces of Evidence Showing GMO May Harm You

By Paul A. Philips

GMO corporations have repeatedly claimed that their GM foods are safe. They have produced volumes of research to show GM food safety and fitness for human consumption. 986 more words