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Crime Scene Forensics Workshop

Ready to launch your own investigation?  Find out how the real scientists and CSI teams use genetic techniques to solve crimes.  Learn how to compare crime scene DNA with the suspects’ to find out who did it with Dr. 25 more words


Dominant Curly Hair

I love to study genetics. Okay, I love it to a point. It can be hard to follow all the single nucleotide polymorphisms on such and such gene, leading to a certain particular allele. 548 more words


The geneticist-a short query

A brilliant geneticist has two offspring with the same partner, raised in the same environment. If one offspring soars and one offspring plummets, does the geneticist understand why?

State Of Mind

Star Gates

The star gates are based off of our womb chakras. A star gate can open in a womb chakra and the DNA wisdom and the physical inhabitants there can be transported through our sun – to any planet that has our soul codes … a solar system that holds our soul codes. 39 more words

Basic Knowledge

Klotho Gene

More old news.

A recent discovery in the news is the Klotho gene which seems to boost brain function and adds to longevity. About one in five people have the good variant. 130 more words



The study of genetics is new.  Accordingly, saying that such and so disease or trait is “genetic” is still subject to much study and testing.  Sometimes being able to say whether you have wet or dry earwax (identified by SNP… 174 more words


S U M M E R   2015 



Pohjoisnapa -installaatio vanhassa jääkarhulinnassa Korkeasaaressa,       Grey Cube Galleriat   9.6. – 16.8.2015                                                                                   North Pole installation in an old Polar Bear Castle in Korkeasaari Zoo,      Grey Cube Galleries 9.6. 521 more words