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AABB DNA Paternity Testing Services

If your family is in need of fast, accurate and affordable Local DNA Testing services performed by an AABB Accredited DNA Testing laboratory. Please allow AIDC’s Professional DNA Testing Specialists to assist your family today. 48 more words


AABB DNA Testing Senegal

Are you in need of AABB DNA Testing services for Senegal? Please allow our trained DNA Testing professionals to assist you with your family’s DNA relationship needs. 55 more words


Ioan Oltean și-a dat demisia din PNL.

Ioan Oltean a demisionat din funcţia de vicepreşedinte al PNL, după ce DNA a cerut arestarea lui. Avizul se cere pentru Cătălin Teodorescu, la data faptei membru al Comisiei Centrale pentru Stabilirea Despăgubirilor din cadrul Autorității Naționale pentru Restituirea Proprietăților

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In Our Kishkas: Jacob's Ladder

In VaYetzei, this week’s Torah portion, we see a rich image of Jacob’s ladder. There we read:

And Jacob went out from Beer-sheva, and went toward Haran. 339 more words


DNA Sig Meets Saturday December 10

This is a reminder for the MoCoGenSo DNA SIG meeting Saturday December 10 at the Family History Center in Seaside.  The Meeting will be across the hall from the FHC office. 75 more words



  • desoxyribonucleïnezuur
  • bij normale celdeling kopiëert het DNA zich en hecht zich aan chromosomen
  • elke nieuwe cel heeft een identiek stel chromosomen
  • bevindt zich in de cel dus als chromosomen…
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We Have More in Common with the People of the World Than We Think

Someone introduced me to this video yesterday. The video is not simply about DNA testing; it’s about becoming aware that we may just be connected to people groups we may not have imagined — even those we may despise. 31 more words