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Where are you from?

Such a hard question, even though we spend our whole life getting asked.  Of course, I usually just give the name of the state I lived in as a kid… but thats not my home.  430 more words


wtf biology?

Done with my day. Enjoying a little Chomsky (whom I like and dislike in equal parts). Was delighted to see this from an excerpt of his book, Language and Responsibility (1977): 188 more words


Genetic superheroes

The Resilience project is a major search for individuals that are resilient to genetic disorders, i.e. they have the genotype for the disease, and not the phenotype to prove it. 560 more words

The Woman Who Discovered DNA's Double Helix May Get a Much-Deserved Biopic — io9

Rosalind Franklin, the British scientist whose research enabled the discovery of DNA’s double helix, will be getting a biopic if spec script Exposure is made. Fingers crossed, because not only would a feature film bring Franklin some much-deserved recognition—her life would make for quite a dramatic movie.Read more…

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Rape Suspect Charged In Connection With Two More Assaults

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Lawrence Cook left Allegheny County Police headquarters facing two more rape charges in Wilmerding.

He says he’s not the man who did it. 308 more words


Data in the DNA

You may or may not be aware, but some genius has made our own DNA into a digital storage device! imagine that! No more hard drives to back up or save data on. 283 more words

Now Available: A Search Engine for Genomics Data

Now available: a search engine for genomics data. “GeNemo addresses a pressing challenge: effectively searching functional genomic data from online data repositories. (The name GeNemo is a combination of ‘Ge’ from the word gene and Nemo from the movie ‘Finding Nemo.’)…GeNemo queries user-input data against online functional genomic datasets, including the entire collection of ENCODE and mouse ENCODE datasets. 16 more words

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