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Christine Kenneally Quote.

It isn’t until you populate the family tree out that it becomes clear how brief a human life is, how soon it is over, and how you only play a bit part in a story line that expands out and contracts back and goes off in directions that no one can predict or control. 30 more words


Monday, Aug. 3: Hubba Hubba Revue - a return and a debut!

On Monday, Aug. 3, I’ll return to the Hubba Hubba Revue stage at Above DNA Lounge in SF. I’m opening the show at 10 p.m.! I haven’t been on the Hubba stage in waaaaay too long because of work obligations — so I’m returning with a brand new number! 72 more words


Cooperative Discernment

Discerning one’s right of conscience
forms comprehensive consciousness.

Or so I hope,
recognizing self-governing justice requires trust
in each eternal moment’s conscience,
rooted back in DNA’s time… 287 more words

Ancestry and DNA--Part Four

Since I hit several dead ends in my previous endeavors, this afternoon I went back to all the ancestry.com hints and started more research.  My last ancestry post indicated my surprise at the DNA results.   517 more words

Why You're The Only One Who Can Make It Happen

A lot of people can have similar ideas and a lot of people can do a single thing the same way. However, an exact idea backed up by an exact science to produce a distinct result often can’t be replicated. 461 more words


Time's Eternal Consciousness

Time’s natural spaces,
a universe of footprints in remembered places.

Need is a kick in the ass and head.
Dissonance is afterflow,
crashing cart with runaway horsepower. 208 more words

DNA Search for First Americans Links Amazon Groups to Indigenous Australians

More than 15,000 years ago, humans began crossing a land bridge called Beringia that connected their native home in Eurasia to modern-day Alaska. Who knows what the journey entailed or what motivated them to leave, but once they arrived, they spread southward across the Americas. 238 more words

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