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Vice President Joe Biden is joining the ranks of many celebrities by appearing on the long-running crime drama, “Law and Order: SVU.” The White House issued issued a press release Thursday night that said he vice president planned to travel with wife Dr. 164 more words


Genetics Vs Politics

Do children just grow up being swayed by the political beliefs of their parents’?

The Guardian recently published an ARTICLE suggesting there are studies showing that who you decide to vote for in UK elections can be related closely to your genes inherited. 89 more words

Non-genetic inheritance: Generations of scientific debate

DNA has long been regarded as the heritable material encoding the instructions for the development of all known organisms. Its importance to life is unquestionable, and its role in evolution is equally fundamental. 3,230 more words

Context and architecture: Complexities of the genome

Most people are aware that deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, encodes the information that controls the development and function of all living organisms. This information is organised into regions called genes and the complement of DNA information that exists in any organism is known as its  1,461 more words

Nicușor Constantinescu a fost condamnat

Nicușor Constantinescu a fost condamnat Nicușor Constantinescu a fost condamnat, în primă instanță, la 15 ani de închisoare. În dosarul perdelelor forestiere, de către judecătorii de la Curtea de apel București. 13 more words


My Life This July: In Which America and I Have Birthdays and I Acquire Many Books

My word, it’s the last Saturday of the month already. (Actually, the last Friday as I’m typing this, but you know. . . .) This month has been rather a whirlwind, but I find they’re all like that these days. 674 more words


Transgender, DNA, and Chromosomes

I suspect there are some who will find this offensive. Oh well, it needs to be said so here goes.

There is something that has been puzzling me a bit about this whole transgender issue. 800 more words

Personal Reflection