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What is Cell Specialization?

Every single cell we have contains the same genome, the blueprint for our bodies. How does that work? It works with cell specialization. Cells have the same blueprint but become different shapes with specific functions. 157 more words

DNA Testing Elizabeth NJ

DNA Testing in Elizabeth, NJ DNA Testing for Elizabeth, NJ residents is now more convenient than ever. AIDC provides a wide array of DNA relationship testing services . 57 more words


Sebastian Kraves: The era of personal DNA testing is here-2

This ability to make copies of DNA, as simple as it sounds, has transformed our world. Scientists use it every day to detect and address disease, to create innovative medicines, to modify foods, to assess whether our food is safe to eat or whether it’s contaminated with deadly bacteria. 676 more words

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Dogs' cordial behaviour is affected by genes

The dog is the most loyal and affectionate animal.
It is the primitive tamed animal and has accustomed to a life among us. During the years of domestication, dogs have developed distinctive capabilities to interact and collaborate with us. 87 more words

More on Genetic Markers

Thanks to all of you who did some research after last week’s blog. You guys rock! It wasn’t even an issue I had thought about asking for help with and yet you jumped in anyway. 656 more words


Chelsea isn’t Bill Clinton’s Daughter?

Another skeleton in Hillary’s closet is coming back to haunt her… It appears Chelsea Clinton’s real father is Webster Hubbell, the former Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas. 696 more words



Most Recent Common Ancestors are the key to finding family, when you have nothing except a handful of DNA matches to go on. 671 more words