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432Hz La chiave cosmica dell'Universo

  • Il corpo umano è codificato per ricevere musica a 432Hz perchè questa è la vibrazione risuonante con l’Universo e con le cellule umane.
  • Attualmente tutti gli strumenti musicali del mondo sono codificati a 440Hz, ma questa frequenza crea separazione e impedisce alla specie umana di evolversi.
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Digital Diamonds Art Print










This is my first testpost.

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DNA – Flower – High

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Scooping poop and DNA testing your dog

The pooprint. It’s the latest way some landlords are getting dog owners to scoop the poop.

“They do a doggie DNA test for all the dogs in the building, and then if someone’s not cleaning up after the dogs, they can find out who it is,” dog owner Kevin Mullan said. 475 more words


A Question of Identity

A few weeks before my mother died, she asked me if I could find out whether her oldest sister had been conceived out of wedlock. If the sister was illegitimate, it would explain why her parents had been unnaturally reticent about their past. 696 more words

The Past Is A Foreign Country

Strong, Flexible Spider Silk Created in Lab

We’ve built skyscrapers, planes that travel faster than sound and particle colliders a mile below the Earth’s surface.

Yet in some ways, the humble little house spider has got humans beat: The silken threads spiders use to ensnare prey are amazing feats of natural engineering. 701 more words