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Primarul Mircia Muntean condamnat la închisoare

Primarul Mircia Muntean condamnat la închisoare! Mircia Muntean, primarul proaspăt ales al Devei, a primit o condamnare de șase ani de închisoare cu executare. El a fost condamnat la 2 ani pentru conducere sub influența băuturilor alcoolice, iar pedeapsa a fost contopită cu cea de 4 ani

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Tied With Bayknot (Part III)

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First fake meat, and now this. My disgust was occupying my immediate surroundings until a bird zoomed just over my head. 1,346 more words


"now, what the hell is a chromosome again?"

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”
– Aristotle

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Another switched-at-birth case from same northern Manitoba hospital

Two men born just days apart in a northern Manitoba community have recently discovered they were switched at birth.

The first man was born Jan. 31, 1975 at the Norway House Indian Hospital.  181 more words



“You have a MATCH!!!”

“I have a WHAT?!?”

“A match! Your DNA test results are in and you have a match! A really good one. Close to you. 513 more words


Biologists are Close to Reinventing the Genetic Code of Life

The term “life hacking” usually refers to clever tweaks that make your life more productive. But this week in Science, a team of scientists comes a step closer to the literal meaning: hacking the machinery of life itself. 849 more words

Why Clone Sheep — Don’t They All Look Alike Anyway?

On the 20th anniversary of the birth of Dolly, the first cloned sheep, a reader asks: Don’t all sheep look alike anyway? Could anyone tell Dolly, Daisy, Diana, Debbie and Denise apart from members of the sheep population that weren’t cloned? 707 more words