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Roger Stone Shines New Light on Russia-Gate Hoax

By Matthew Ehret | Strategic Culture Foundation | May 21, 2019

As if more evidence was needed to debunk the pathetic narrative that the Russians hacked the DNC computers during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump confidant Roger Stone, currently on trial for lying during the Mueller inquisition released an important truth to the light of day on May 10th.

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How Russiagate replaced Analysis of the 2016 Election

By Rick Sterling | Dissident Voice | May 19, 2019

An honest and accurate analysis of the 2016 election is not just an academic exercise. It is very relevant to the current election campaign.

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The man from Delaware

For the corporate and elite Democratic supporters who are desperate to stop a Sanders campaign, Joe Biden’s official entrance has been a godsend. Early polls put Biden ahead of Sanders by as many as 20 points and the same pundits who called the 2016 race prematurely on both sides of the aisle were quick to pronounce the primary all but over. 644 more words

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What Is The Charisma That Binds Trump And His Supporters

OR Why are the people who voted for Trump for President so Loyal and why is he gaining a huge contingent of Democrat Walk Aways on a daily basis? 1,096 more words


Democrats Are Playing A Short Term Game

Whereas, President Donald J. Trump is playing for the hearts and minds of the Citizens of the United States of America.

On Sunday nights, Mark Levin airs a show “Life, Liberty and Levin”. 1,654 more words


Back in the Saddle

After a long hiatus, it is time to get back into the fray. Things have really moved into the surreal since the last time digits were placed on this blog. 639 more words

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2020 Progressive Presidential Power Rankings II

We’re now some 500+ days away from the next presidential election and our amount of democratic candidates has increased dramatically, albeit not substantively.  A certain former Vice President has entered the race along with a few lesser known candidates to widen the field to 522,234,449,731,915 (or 22 for short.) 2,070 more words