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PAX East 2018

It’s in Boston, and I’m going. Not sure when the tickets are going to come out, but it’s looking like they’ll come out at some point in the next few days. 152 more words


Ways to Celebrate Holidays in Your Campaign

Playing an RPG with your friends on or around a holiday? Not sure how to celebrate in your gaming session? Well, don’t fret– there are a lot of ways to bring the spirit of the season into your game (no matter what that season may be). 649 more words

Dungeons And Dragons


The dissimortuum is an undead serial killer. Wearing a terrifying bone mask and with three arms that help it climb along walls and ceilings without issue, the dissimortuum hunts down isolated or vulnerable targets to ambush. 709 more words

5th Edition

Season 10 - Episode 16 - Hit or Moss


We’re late. We’re sorry. But we’re late. No more intro. Just publishing.  QUICKLY!


Here is a link to the new store at Threadless. Go and bathe in its magnificence. 31 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Orctober - Grimluk in D&D 5e Updated, RAW

Last year, I rolled up character sheets for Grimluk in 5e. One was RAW, using the standard medieval-style weapons and gear, and the other was homebrew. 631 more words



“I was looking for a job, and then I found a job
And heaven knows I’m miserable now”
– Morrissey, The Smiths

Flames roared into the sky from buildings set ablaze by the dragon’s fiery breath. 1,883 more words


Grimm Encounters II - Out this week!

Hello all! Afraid to say that there will be no Deconstructing Dungeons article this week because I’m putting the finishing touches to Grimm Encounters II… 165 more words