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Books I Didn't Finish in April 2016

Welcome to the regular installment of books that for one reason or the other, I didn’t finish reading this month. This month, there were only two books I didn’t make it through. 566 more words



Disappointment can come in many ways, and usually arrives when you least expect it. The build up to what you look forward to often spurs you onto greatness, yet by the end of the event you are left broken both physically and mentally. 1,171 more words


Dealing With F'N DNF

If you race long enough, you will certainly meet up with the dreaded DNF. (Did Not Finish) It’s the 800 pound elephant in the room, that no one wants to talk about. 493 more words

First Triathlon

DNF Review: We All Looked Up (Ugh)

I was really hoping to avoid DNFing books this year but here we are, on my second DNF of the year. It really hurt my bookworm feelings to have to quit this at only 30%. 352 more words

Young Adult

5 Books I Never Finished Reading!

Today on WBW I’m sharing with you guys another “5 Books” post. This one is 5 Books that I never finished reading, or couldn’t finish reading, which you could also say in a sense, is a follow up to my last 5 Books post, which was…

543 more words

We meet again... for the last time!

Now that the worst of the winter is past… o.k. stop laughing… yes I know it could still snow… but assuming that the worst is behind us… oh for god sake, leave the room if you can’t control yourself. 351 more words


Yay or Nay Wednesdays: Finishing a Bad Book

Hey, happy hump day guys! I’m glad it’s Wednesday, but at the same time I’m surprised how quick this week is going.  It seems like they keep going faster and faster lately. 325 more words