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Maybe it's time for a custom dashboard for a disoriented web geek...

Well, I finally came to the realization that the reason my personal projects never get anywhere is due to my total lack of organization when it comes to accounts, communications and data.   273 more words


New router malware injects ads and porn into websites

A new variant of router malware has been uncovered that injects unwarranted ads and pornography into websites by modifying the router’s DNS settings. Thanks to a clever implementation, this malware can hijack nearly every website on the internet for malicious purposes. 209 more words


Spoofing: Pretending to be someone, something, or somewhere else at some other time: Evil twins, missing planes

For the most part, the internet depends on trust. When you click on a link, you expect to go to where it says it will take you. 1,384 more words

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Not Being Murdered

Any hitchhiking veteran might roll their eyes about the ‘danger’ of hitchhiking. Chances are they’ve heard it all before. People are quick to tell us not to hitchhike, but they’re usually people who’ve never experienced it themselves and they only remember the bad stuff. 1,478 more words


Region locking our hearts

Region locking is when a company decides that a product or service should only be available to a particular country. Netflix,Youtube, Steam, and Nintendo are well-known for region locked content. 190 more words

Modifying DNS Zone Transfer

Sometimes you have multiple DNS Servers and you would like to allow Zone Transfer on one or more Reverse Zone. This is Manual process but and if you have multiple DNS Servers, you will suffer from doing the same Task many times. 88 more words


PhishCheck - WHOIS domain lookup in Perl

Phishing often relies on the victim to click on a malicious link – usually being disguised as a legitimate service or website. The following perl script iterates through the given domain and checks if permutations have been registered. 225 more words