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University suffers from attack by smart lampposts

On April 1st , I would have shrugged off this story as fake news. Maybe even today.  I was already suspicious after a week when accusations of the crookedness of media stories rained down on me, not least from the new POTUS… 374 more words

Domain Name System - An Overview

Domain Name System (DNS) is a networking protocol that converts the human friendly domain name to an IP address. IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6) uniquely identify the devices connected to the internet and helps in routing the network packets from the source to destination. 697 more words


How to build a speed-loving DIY Linux router from scratch

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Numbers don’t lie—it’s time to build your own routerAfter finally reaching the tipping point with off-the-shelf solutions that can’t match increasing speeds available, we recently took the plunge. 1,421 more words


The Do's and Don'ts of Autodiscover

Autodiscover is a function in Microsoft Exchange, introduced in 2006, which provides e-mail clients (smartphones, tablets, Microsoft Outlook etc.) a way to find and connect to your Exchange server automatically. 2,185 more words


DNS publishing over COSMOTE, is not any more supported?

The past few months COSMOTE, a Greek ISP started providing VDSL access in our country. Right after being very happy about it, we started noticing changes affecting many of our customer services, including proper Domain Name Services data exchange. 549 more words

Everyday IT Issues

Protecting The Elderly From Online Scams And Malware

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If you love your parents or grandparents then it probably breaks your heart to see them get taken advantage of by online scammers. 619 more words

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Suricata 3.2.1 available!

We’re pleased to announce Suricata 3.2.1. This release features a large number of improvements and fixes over the 3.2 release.
Most importantly it fixes a IPv4 defrag issue that allows evasion of detection and logging. 351 more words