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Domain Name Service (DNS) is the mechanism by where numeric IP addresses become readable domain names; it’s far easier for me to tell you to visit strawberrybricks.com than a bunch of numbers. 225 more words


The Register: DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database

The Register: DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database . “The Global Cyber Alliance has given the world a new free Domain Name Service resolver, and advanced it as offering unusually strong security and privacy features. 43 more words

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Three little letters that make every runner cringe.

The only thing as bad as a DNS is a DNF.

Did not start. Did not finish. 394 more words

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Tips To Assure The Dns From Abstracts Exfiltration

The best insidious aisle for abyss to abundance abstracts is via the Area Name System (DNS). The DNS agreement is manipulated to act as a “file transfer” agreement and by absence is apparent as legitimate. 746 more words

Ibm, Nonprofits Aggregation Up In New Chargeless Dns Service

The new Quad9 DNS account congenital by IBM Security, Packet Clearing House, and the Global Cyber Alliance, is aimed at consumers and small- to midsized businesses, and doesn’t allotment or resell user DNS lookup advice to advertisers. 526 more words

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Apa Itu DNS ?

Domain Name System adalah suatu metode untuk meng-konversikan Ip Address (numerik) suatu komputer ke dalam suatu nama domain (alphabetic), ataupun sebaliknya. Yang memudahkan kita dalam mengingat computer tersebut. 220 more words

Cara Menginstall DNS Server di Debian 7

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Di post pertama saya ini, saya akan memeberitahu cara menginstall DNS Server di Debian 7. Baik langsung saja ke langkah pertama.

  1. Pertama Login ke Debian anda, lalu login sebagai superuser…
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