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Up with Down's!

Originally named after the English doctor¬†John Langdon Down,¬†Down’s syndrome now known as Down Syndrome or DS or DNS is a medical condition wherein there’s a presence of an extra chromosome in a baby’s cell. 953 more words


Quarter Century of Innovation - aka Happy Birthday Linux!

Happy Birthday, Linux! Thank you Linus for that post (and code) from a quarter of a century ago.

I distinctly remember coming across the post… 1,014 more words


Membuat Address List Berdasarkan Domain Name

Dengan di-releasenya RouterOS versi terbaru yaitu v6.36, sebuah fitur baru ditambahkan pada system. Walaupun RouterOS V6.36 masih dalam versi testing (RC) fitur ini bisa dicoba untuk diimplementasikan. 385 more words

SenderID, SPF, DKIM and DMARC in Exchange 2016 – Part III

In the previous two blog posts I have discussed SPF and DKIM as a way of validating the authenticity of email messages. SPF is using an SPF record in public DNS where all legitimate outbound SMTP servers for a domain are listed. 1,142 more words


SenderID, SPF, DKIM and DMARC in Exchange 2016 – Part II

In the previous blogpost I have been discussing how SPF works and how it uses public DNS to validate the authenticity of the sending SMTP servers. 1,844 more words


DNSSEC Signing Revisited

A couple of years ago, I signed the DNS records of my personal domain with DNSSEC, and wrote a blog post on the experience. Since then, life has been generally good, although there have been a couple of hiccups where the signatures expired and my domain became briefly unavailable to resolvers that verify DNSSEC. 702 more words


US prepares to hand over power of the internet’s naming system

The US government’s 20-year role in governing a crucial part of the internet is about to end. Starting October 1, the US will no longer have power over the domain naming system (DNS), the US Department of Commerce said in a blog post Tuesday. 82 more words