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664. The Bearpit (44)

This is a really old piece (comparatively speaking for street/graffiti art in the Bearpit) that has been in my ready to publish folder for ages. It is by DNT and I think situated in the north tunnel, the one that heads off towards Stokes Croft. 63 more words


Empat golongan manusia dalam dakwah

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang

Beberapa hari lalu, kita telah disajikan dengan beberapa maklumat, mesej pesanan ringkas hasil perbualan antara anak halaqah kita dengan salah seorang admin pengurusan sebuah insititusi pengajian. 1,410 more words


প্রোগ্রামিং ল্যাংগুয়েজ ২ ক্লাশ(১৪-০২-২০১৭)

OOP ল্যাংগুয়েজের এর তালিকাঃ

  1. C++
  2. Java
  3. Visual Basic
  4. Visual C++
  5. Visual J++
  6. Smalltalk

OPP এর সুবিধা-অসুবিধাঃ

  1.  a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e
  6. f
  7. g
  8. h
  9. j…
  10. 83 more words
Programming In C++

Why target people with ads who are turned off by targeted ads?

For several years the DNT (Do Not Track) initiative has been trying to formalise a standard feature for the worldwide web to allow users to tell a website whether they are happy to have their activities tracked by the website and their partner. 174 more words

Digital Marketing

How a news-industry trade group may be helping regulators (and the ITE) to support quality and privacy

By Don Marti

Legitimate consumer privacy tools and high-reputation publishers, working together, can transform advertising on the web. Tools and sites can help users block low-value, cold-call-like targeted ads while permitting signal-carrying ads, the ones that respect users’ choices not to be tracked. 661 more words


545. Moon Street (17)

This is another piece I have been meaning to post for quite a while now, and it has been stacked behind a whole host of other circling photographs. 134 more words


A four day autumn adventure

Date: 06/10/16 – 09/10/16

It was an impulse decision, my brother had been out doing some shopping, and I had asked if he could pick up a pack of Real Field Meal (freeze dried/dehydrated dinner) and 5kg of potatoes. 2,514 more words