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That writing rhythm. Keep singing.

Is there anything that you know for certain? The waves of things, feelings, chords washing gradually closer to your eyes. A rhythm that rushes forward with power and wit. 287 more words

Greek Yogurt and Basil Salad Dressing

I make a LOT of salads. Salads for lunch at work, giant salads for dinner, salads forever. I think it’s the colours that draw me in every time, putting together a huge plate of fresh brightness is a lovely way to play in the kitchen. 169 more words

Sylvan Esso

The North Carolina pair will be releasing a 12″ next week featuring HSKT and a number of remixes. HSKT, short for head-shoulders-knees-toes, is originally from last year’s self-titled debut and now has an official video that showcase the lyrics flashing across a number of dancing bodies including… 61 more words


Sometimes Life Isn't Easy

予約なしで行ったのだけど、着いてからAppleのサイト見てたらその場で予約できて、前へ通してもらえた謎… めでたし。


かなりかなり危ぶまれた天気はぎりぎりのところで持ってくれた。桶の寿司や持ち寄り料理や。夕方まで食べてしゃべって、そのあとは卓球をして夜ごはんして1日たっぷり。最後はCuusheの新作 “Night Lines”の10” vinylを受け取り。CASCINEとの共同リリース。イケドン要素増してます。リリースおめでとう!

* Cuushe – Night Lines (flau)

飲みながらMorr Music談義をしたり、Sóleyのライブ映像見たり、マユミアオウのツアーへの意気込みもいろいろ聞いたり。もうあと2週間。2日間とも来るに決まってるよね?と言われたのでお菓子でも作って応援しに行こう。たのしみ!

* Sóley & Sin Fang + miaou Japan Tour 2015(4/23 – 4/26)

Live / Event


The Tokyo-based siren has released a second single from her forthcoming Night Lines EP. Cuushe‘s newest peak into Night Lines is a mesmeric song called… 87 more words

that's it

somehow, another year has flown by. actually, scratch that – it hasn’t flown. it’s scraped its ungodly butt across my line of vision and laughed at me wondering how it manages to travel so slowly and yet so freaking fast in hindsight. 410 more words


Dntel | This Is The Dream Of Evan and Chan

This song laid the foundation for a wonderful collaboration called The Postal Service. Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie performs the vocal duties while… 42 more words