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Simien Media Group Releases a Do-It-Yourself Public Relations Guide for Business Owners to Manage Their Own PR Efforts

Let’s face it, many small businesses, nonprofits and emerging talents simply cannot afford to hire a full-time public relations professional to help with their publicity campaigns. 129 more words

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DIY PR, How to do PR for Small Businesses

DIY PR for your small business requires time and effort but to get results you need to start on a sound footing. That means having the answers to seven key questions – otherwise your do it yourself PR efforts could be wasted. 17 more words

Most public relations professionals will tell that the profession is difficult and requires a specialist to be done well

But before you shell our tens of thousands of dollars on a PR firm, why not take a look at do it yourself public relations? PR in a Jar’s Self-Serve empowers business owners with all the tools they need to put together a professional, effective public relations campaign themselves. 96 more words

Do It Yourself Public Relations

Many companies are on the quest to create the best public relations campaign to get out the word for their brand

These companies may not always no the best way to get exposure for their company or have funding to pay for a public relations specialist. This is resulting in more companies turning to do it yourself public relations. 111 more words

Do It Yourself Public Relations

Every company that has a product or service to sell is also interested in having a well developed public relations package

This is clear because public relations is the way in which a company sells itself to the people in general. Public relations is not the same as marketing or advertising, although there is a link and some similarities. 116 more words

Do It Yourself Public Relations

Ever wonder what’s behind the curtain of a public relations company?

Maybe you never thought about it because until recently, a PR firm is something most organizations budget as a necessary evil in business. You want exposure? 145 more words

Do It Yourself Public Relations