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German Roach Kit



You will need- 1 gallon pump up sprayer, located here on our site.

Kit Includes: 

1* (4 oz bottle) … 104 more words

Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations

1 bag = 72 bait stations.
4-6 stations per 100 sq. ft.
Do not use more than 24 stations per residence. 

Maxforce Bait Stations not only provide long term control of roaches: the inspectable small stations act as an activity monitor. 200 more words

CB-80 Extra 17 oz

17 oz

CB-80 Extra Contact Aerosol is a pyrethrum contact insecticide that has a proven track record of a fast knockdown and kill of over 20 pests.  203 more words

Rodent Bait Stations Help Get All of Them

 Having some rodent bait stations on hand is a smart defense against any rodent control issues you may have. Since rodents have a tendency to travel in numbers, using rodent bait stations is a good way to eliminate the ones you see, and the ones you don’t see that are traveling with them. 331 more words

Important Tips for Keeping Ants Out

There’s nothing particularly harmful about having ants invade your home, but most people find them quite unpleasant. They like to hang out on the walls and get into food, and it turns into quite a pest. 317 more words