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Trapped - Culture Trap

How does the culture trap impact on who we are and our journey of faith?

By: Bishop Philip Kitoto

The Bible calls on us to strip off everything that holds us captive. 1,857 more words



We began a series last week entitled, ‘Imagine Me’ or ‘why ordinary people like me and you can change the world’. This month we are also celebrating 10 years of Mavuno’s story, my hope is that if you are joining us for the first time or you have been here for a few weeks, is that this series will help you understand who this community is. 2,558 more words

August Sermon Series; Imagine Me

Christian Mom Gone Crazy

In the last post, Seeds of Trust, there are a couple of things my mom mentioned that I would like to touch on; the first being middle school. 865 more words

Wednesday Wisdom - Born to Be and Born to See

Yeah it is Wednesday!!  I do not know about you but I felt like these past two days just dragged on and on.  No matter what I’m excited for that means I can provide words of wisdom to you and naturally myself.  700 more words

Motivation & Wisdom

How To Be Classy In A Non-Classy World

Our society is trying so hard to do away with values, class and morals. And some of us are so used to living in the world that we don’t realize we aren’t actually living the standards of a classy, real-girl..the kind we were created to be.  1,056 more words

The Mini Apartment

Recap: Which Kingdom? Attitudes or Beatitudes?

Yesterday we began Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount with His introduction. He paints a picture of an alternative Kingdom that is upside down, backwards, and turned around from the kingdom of this world. 497 more words

Jesus' Sermon On The Mount