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People often think that pausing is a sign of weakness–an indication of reaching the end of your strength…of not having enough power and will to fight your battles. 177 more words


Mirror, mirror. What do you see?

Look in the mirror. What do you see?

For me, I see this tall young woman who looks like a mess. Her hair is strayed every which way. 268 more words

Do Not Give Up!


This is a Happy Day! I make this a Happy Day! I thank God for this Happy Day!

I allow only thoughts of happiness, wholeness, abundance and prosperity to linger in my thoughts today. 158 more words

Daily IN-spiration


Okay your vision has not manifested as of yet. Can you hold on just a little longer? Or are you going to give up right before the harvest? 229 more words

Daily IN-spiration

For anyone out there battling depression and/or suicidal...

For anyone out there battling depression and/or suicidal thoughts.

You did not choose this. You’re doing your best.

And there’s still some fight left in your yet. 10 more words

The Heart Knows... Or Does It?

“Follow your heart,” they say.

Right now I am wondering if I even have one. My head says, “Oh, it’ll be fine. Just give him time.” Is time really going to fix this mess? 146 more words

Do Not Give Up!

52. The skies are dark but not the stars.

It’s stressful lately,
I think about too many things, really.
That physically it became too much,
sickness was where I hatched.

Even if the sun was up and high, 101 more words