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April 23rd

Just the same as Faith without action is not Faith at all; to have a vision and not take action is not your vision at all. 391 more words

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April 21st

Are we there yet? How is your indwelling Spirit today? Actually the question is where are you in relationship to your Good Spirit? 336 more words

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The Beauty of Who You Are

Earlier this afternoon I was on YouTube watching through all the NBA playoff highlight reels. During my lazy adventure I noticed a short video by Colin Cowherd reacting to the death of an ex-football player. 648 more words


April 11th

Do you always tell yourself the truth about the things you do? Have you developed a habit that allows you to slight the truth to you? 294 more words

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Tired at Twenty Three

I am tired.

I am tired of wanting to cry every waking moment.

I am tired of having bad dreams every night.

I am tired of being in a battle that isn’t mine. 173 more words


Never give up on life even when it's full of pain

It was his last day in the city after his six months of stay in Chandigarh. It was hard to accept that my best friend would leave me all alone again. 868 more words

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Digesting God’s Word: “Do Not Give Up”

Continued from here.

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the verse! While this process can seem tedious, I hope you can also see the value of meditating on God’s Word – of truly “chewing” it and digesting it until it becomes a part of who you are. 368 more words