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Our differences make us speacial

Not everyone in the world orders coffee. You can be a mojito to this world of coffee and yet taste amazing.
Well sometimes we are scared of doing a certain thing, because we are shy or we think we are not too good at it or that people will make fun of us but that shouldn’t stop us from expressing ourselves. 526 more words

Contemplation !

I do not want to chant how my life went downhill but doesn’t everyones breakdown once?

We all drown and we all turn cold, our skies turn grey because we let it, because we are exhausted, we need sympathy, we rage to be heard, we shut down because we are misunderstood, we give up because no one cared when we wanted them to … For a twenty-four year old, you might think its normal because deep inside you struggled through it or still are struggling through it; and you think in your head “Oh, she will be fine, everyone makes it through at the end” … Do they? 129 more words


You Have No Idea How Important Your Prayers Are

“Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.”
Psalm 126:5

One of the difficult things in the life of a believer is to pray for a long time and see no results. 713 more words


Get Up and Try Again

First, let this song below be your soundtrack to this blog post.

Playing it?

We are ready to begin.



Do not throw in the towel before it’s over. Give it your all. Give it your best. Believe that you always have a fighting chance. If you do, you will have no regrets even if you end up not getting what you aimed for.

Daily Thoughts

Beginning Is Always The Hardest

Recently I have been very ambitious in trying new stuff. I guess I just have a thrill of doing new things and I get all pumped up as I know at the bottom of my heart that they are brilliant ideas . 221 more words



Sometimes temptation is hard to resist. Temptation to eat more than we should, to do things that we shouldn’t. The struggle will be real. Keep your faith. 11 more words

Daily Thoughts