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Table Tears

It’s a moment of screaming silence. Your mind begins to scream as loud as your voice won’t let you. The turning in your stomach is going at the same rate as the thoughts dancing in circles around you. 322 more words

Do Not Give Up!

It's a Heartache. Nothing but a Heartache.

Some of you may be or have gone through tough times. I wrote my thoughts as I was going through heartache, and thought I would share and possibly help another survivor. 1,170 more words


"You could be better."

I could be. You are absolutely right. I could be.

I could actually get up on time. I could eat breakfast. I could clean the house. 319 more words

Do Not Give Up!

Dark TunnelsĀ 

I went to bed last night with the excitement in my heart that I have been free of cutting for one year.

I woke up this morning from falling in my sleep, and I wasn’t so excited anymore. 169 more words

Do Not Give Up!


God is your ever present help! This is awesome. This is wondrous. This is incredible.

You do not need to wait for your help, it is already here! 257 more words

Daily IN-spiration


When you start one thing from scratch, the journey is always rough ahead. But when you persevere and be patient, keep chasing the dream, and think how and why you started the journey, you would fly and catch the dream one day. 61 more words

God's Word

"New" Girl

Being the new girl isn’t always what I have in mind when I meet people.

But today, I’m the “new” girl who’s been existent in these lives for almost a year. 191 more words

Do Not Give Up!