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aha moment number 5789

Well today was an eye opener for me. Last night I went to go have a walk after dinner and literally could barely make it around the parking lot and building my back and the back of my legs hurt so bad AND my feet. 348 more words

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait-Its how we behave while we are waiting”- Joyce Meyer

So I was watching an animation movie that had a musical which said ‘look at yourself through heaven’s eye’.

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To Myself (a Train Wreck)

Dear me,

Let me get something out of the way before you begin to look a snapshot of yourself. It is okay to NOT be okay. 346 more words

In the Beginning ♥

In the Beginning I had no idea who I was or what I was capable of…..good and bad.  But really….who does?

In the Beginning I had so many hopes and dreams……I still do…. 157 more words

Avoiding Fear

Poverty-Stepping Stone to Success

We must do something to change our future and the future of the next generation. During weekends, you would found us working in our small farm to help our parents or working in somebody else farm to earn money. 1,041 more words



Remember you are here for a purpose. Never give up.