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“Set the bar high.” I often get told that when I begin something new, or I want to try something. Make more of yourself.

I have it in my head that I have to be this or I have to be that. 399 more words

Do Not Give Up!


W.O.W. or Walking On Water.

Have you ever had one of those occurrences in your life, where something you do is extremely grand? And you instinctively look around or think to yourself, who was that? 318 more words

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Enjoy the Twenty-Somethings

It takes time to be ok with being ok. After being so down for so long, I don’t know how to enjoy being ok. It’s a weird feeling, and it’s somewhat uncomfortable. 255 more words

Do Not Give Up!

The Real Deal

“What kind of man is it you think you want?” she asked me and I just looked at her in a confused look.

She continued, ” I knew what I didn’t want. 322 more words

Do Not Give Up!

Accepting is a Choice

I have grown in my past couple years of “adulthood.” I’ve learned what boundaries are and how they affect people including me. I’ve tasted life on my own – loved it, but wasn’t ready. 248 more words

Do Not Give Up!


How majestic and magnificent The Creator is! Stop and enjoy a long stare into nature.

As you observe the wondrous movement of existence you will be deeply moved by the AWESOMENESS! 174 more words

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The first month of the year is about to come to an end. What magnificent accomplishments have you realized? Are you experiencing more Peace and Joy? 183 more words

Daily IN-spiration